Top 10 Figures in Houston Sports

Fertita is #7 and Herman gets Honorable Mention. I continue to loathe Dale Roebrtson:

Fertitta, a man with very deep pockets, seems to have made it his mission to get the Cougars into a Power Five conference, which would ensure the long-term of the school’s athletic program and might even ensure that firebrand football coach Tom Herman will stick around for a good while. Fertitta is also personally putting up $20 million to get the soon-to-be erstwhile Hofheinz Pavilion sufficiently refurbished to give hoops coach Kelvin Sampson a fighting chance. With the two Johns, O’Quinn and Moore, out of the mix, Fertitta represents UH’s last best chance to play with the big boys again.

Herman came to Houston as the Cougars’ last best chance to matter at the national level, then helped them take a tremendous first step in that direction. Any season that ends with a major bowl victory over a Florida State must be judged an unqualified success. But UH’s growth curve remains steep. It still wasn’t enough to lock up a Big 12 invite, the kind of step that could guarantee staying power after Herman leaves, which he will.

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The Rockets are way over represented. I doubt they will even make the playoffs next year. If Harden is the #2 figure in Houston sports, we are a terrible sports town.

Watt should be #1. Altuve should be higher, perhaps as high as #2. Carli Lloyd being ommited completely is a sham, as she is the face of women’s soccer.

It also makes no sense that Herman is dropping. Typical that the writer couldn’t help but throw in the jab that he WILL leave as if he’s certain of it, even though he bases it on absolutely nothing. Perhaps he deserves a tweet from Mrs. Herman.


Done be a Dale.

Seriously, only Dale Robertson would leave Herman off a list like this. What a clod. Who let him off the tennis beat?

Coach Herman or Dr. Khator.

We have been relevant on a national level since 2009.

Dale Robertson hasn’t been relevant on a local level in a decade.

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LOL. It took that pick to make my 1st. Post. That has to be over 10yrs ago. It has always drove me nuts when alums either ignore or denigrate their university. I never attended UH. My dad didn’t either. Until his passing several yrs ago he had season tickets since the early 60’s. My brother and my 4 uncle’s and my aunt went to UH. I’ve been rooting and attending games for the University of Houston since I was able to walk. I was born in 1960🚼and I remember that bumper sticker and loved it.

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I made that bumper sticker like 14 years ago. The best part is, it actually got under Dale’s skin.

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Boy we’re getting old. LoL. I knew it was awhile back but 14yrs ago. My my my time is flowing like the little whirlpool you see in the bathtub when the water is running out :sunglasses:

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