Top 10 highest rated UH HS signees of the Internet age(2000)

PER 247

  1. Ed Oliver- Self-explanatory, easily one of the greatest UH players of all time, one of the best college football players of all time, first underclassman to win the Outland Trophy, 247 has him as 127th best high school football player of all time.

  2. Deontay Greenberry- Self-explanatory, one of the best receivers in UH history, wish he would have stayed his senior year, had better chemistry with Ward than O’Korn and Piland. We go 14-0 in 2015 with him.

  3. Tren’Davian Dickson- Didn’t pan out with Herman. eventually ended up at TSU

  4. Matthew Golden- TBD but is looking very promising

  5. Courtney Lark- Solid contributor over 4 years, was underutilized with Applewhite

  6. Jon Clark- played one season at UH, finished career at Utah.

  7. Na’Ty Rodgers- Solid left tackle, protected Ward’s blindside. Great contributor.

  8. Parker Jenkins- TBD, still in high school

  9. Bryan Jones- Didn’t make it to campus

  10. Alton McCaskill- TBD, but very promising start looking forward to his 2023 return.


No way. There were some 70s recruits that were tops around their positions.

Modern era my guy. You’d think that would be common sense to realize that.


My bad… can’t see in front of me.

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What is “Modern Era”?


Then they shouldn’t title the list “All-Time”.


“Of all time,” Ye.

Ended up at McNeese but I don’t think he saw the field.

What does modern era mean?
That in itself is debatable.
247 is fairly new so not reliable.

lamar lathon in the 80s
wilson whitely in the 70s

we didn’t have a star system back in the day but these guys were tops coming out of high school and then both high first round nfl picks

Devale Lauder


So this “all time” status is really the all time of 24/7 being in existence? That’s kind of like saying “greatest players of all time, in my lifetime.”

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The common sense is simply knowing that “Of All Time” Is Not “The Modern Era”


The last 20 years or so. 247 goes back as far as 2000 where Joe Mauer was the #1 qb in the country.

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Ah ok. I didnt know where he went afterwards.

We finished #3 nationally in 1977.

Before the Internet era, we had recruits that would have been five stars, guys like Lloyd Archie, Darrell Shepherd, Lee Canalito, Warren McVea, Wilson Whitley, TJ Turner, etc.


It sucks that 2/10 of these players never even saw the field with us.

Can’t help but imagine how things would’ve been by having them contributing with their skills & talent on the field.

Especially 4* Baylor RB transfer, Tren’Davian Dickson. I remember reading about him joining the team in 2016, and I was really excited about it. Then all of the sudden I saw an article on the Chronicle that he was no longer on the team for personal reasons…I was like WTF

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Seems like we had the basketball version of this thread about a year ago. Lol

As for the list, 3 and 9 were the big disappointments to me. 1 and 2 were studs. 5 and 7 were solid guys. Nice to see several new players on this list though. Especially since the wrap on Dana is that he cant recruit.

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I recall him saying that it didnt end up being a good fit for him.

Robert Newhouse, Riley Odom, Warren Mcvea, Elmo Wright, Charlie Hall, Danny Davis, Leonard Mitchell, Wilson Whitley, Maceo Fifer, Hosea Taylor, Alvin Reuben. David Hodge, What’s modern era? Define that?

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