Top 25 QBs-Why isn't King on the list?

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We’ve only seen a sample size of what King can do and I’d wager people not from Texas probably have no clue who D’eriq King is.


I have a list too. Half of these guys are not it.

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  1. this list is just odd in general, i saw it earlier and it makes zero sense…milton at 10 is disrespectful. he was undefeated on the #1 ranked offense in the nation, with heisman votes

he finished higher in heisman voting (all positions, included last years players) than he is ranked in this list

how is he ranked lower than Michigan states qb?

1b) tons of qb he listed havent played a relevent down of qb, he also listed numerous qbs from the same school…there isnt any logic in his rannkings

  1. king isnt going to make any lists…he is completely unknown outside of houston circles, and half the houston circles dont even know who he is…he took over when people stopped coming and paying attention to Houston…
    i got in a debate with some memphis fans about next season…and his response to being better than us is “our bad qb”… they didnt know qb wasnt an issue for houston

if i wasnt a houston fan and i honestly made a list, i wouldnt put him on it
but being a houston fan and being familiar,i can almost guarantee he will be top 10 to most by seasons end

Why would he be on there? he hasn’t proven himself over a full course of a season yet at qb and his numbers last season were meh. I blame that on Johnson/Applewhite the crappy offense they wanted to run.


i dont think he should be on the list yet…but i disagree with you second point…
pff (advanced stats company) released game adjusted stats (compares every qb on a per game basis, not season totals) and ranked king one of the best qbs in the nation… the most efficient non power 5 qb just edging out milton

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What did he do, start 3 or 4 games? That’s not what would get you on a top 25 list. If he has a season next year like Ward, then we could talk.


I agree with Diehard. Wasn’t too impressed either but still, small sample size.

And the Tua kid for Bama has? Give me a break. Lists like this are another P5 sham. We’re lucky Milton even made the list.


He dominated at the HS level in one of the most difficult and competitive districts in all of Texas. He’s played pretty well on the college level thus far. No reason he shouldn’t make the list.


I could argue for King’s inclusion over a few of those guys. Absolutely, but overall I don’t think the list is completely won’t. King played well, but he didn’t set the world on fire either. I would expect to see him on this list next year.

Based on a few QBs on the list (Lawrence, Haskins, Murray, Tagovailoa) he should have a spot due to their reasoning for putting the others on the list-hype. Like @ricmontano said, they might not be familiar with King. I just thought the list comical, and figured I’d share. If we can get the running game going (which CKB is known to do), King will have a monster year!

you guys also have to realize the list is top 25. there are over 100 college teams. This isn’t like the NFL where there are 32.

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Understood. I really was just poking fun at the list rather than trying to make a case for King.

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I have a good feeling King will quickly make a name for himself this year. I know this may sound sacrilegious to some, but I truly believe King has the arm, legs and intelligence to be better than Ward. Time will tell, but I’m extremely excited to see this young man play in a Briles system and a full offseason as QB1.

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He definitely has a stronger arm. He can rip it.

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Yep, and with the speed we have at WR, he should get way more opportunities to sling it this year than Ward ever had.

arm without question for king

legs is debate-able-- king might potentially be straight line faster than ward…but he isn’t anywhere as instinctual or shifty and its not close…ward knew when a play was breaking down and just took off and would make a play that was supposed to be a 3rd loss and make it a 20yd gain…king would stay in the pocket till the play ended and likely take than 3yd loss…you would think king being so young and playing wr for a while he would be running everywhere, he wasn’t …king only ran on designed runs

in the herman/applehite offense im taking ward in a heartbeat. wards instincts are what won us games…in the briles offense id take king becuase of the arm and the lack of a need for the qb to be creative

intelligence is pure speculation

Because King hasn’t proven anything. Hopefully he will turn the corner but to me he hasn’t done anything to establish his Top 50 status. To me, he looks very uncomfortable in many situations, and in this offense, you need that.

You would put 50 QBs ahead of King? 50…quarterbacks? Please list them below. lol

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