Top 5 UH quarterbacks of all time?

Where does JOK rank on your list?

Ware won the Heisman.

The rest are playing for second place.

Davis, Ware, Keenum, Mullins, Klingler/Kolb
Honorable Mention: Nobles, Ward, Burris

Ware won the Heisman based on the pinball machine numbers put up in R&S and the fact that we were in SWC. Keenum’s finished #1 in NCAA history, but he played in CUSA. Danny Davis played in the veer which would never get a QB in the Heisman race; but he was a great QB and a winner. Keenum is still one of my all time favorite but Danny Davis is right there with him in a tie for me. But I liked all of them.


Terrance Broadway!


What…no love for Bob Clatterbuck ???

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I think he was better than Keenum, honestly.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: If you aren’t joking, you have lost all credibility. He was an OK QB that did manage to make All Sun Belt honorable mention.

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Longterm is right. we have been blessed with many great QBs…Kenny Bailey was a great r/p QB running the veer in the late 60’s. My favorite game is when we went to Oxford and destroyed a real good Ole Miss team 38-7 for our first road win EVER against them…Danny Davis was also a wonderful veer QB…in 1976 .beating nationally ranked undefeated Aggie 21-10…beating number 2 undefeated Texas Tech on the road in November and beating undefeated no. 4 Maryland in the Cotton Bowl 30-21…and going to Austin and humbling Texas 30-0, when whorn had not lost a home SWC game since 1967! Those kind of games and those kind of memories, mean everything to a program like ours.


Of course, I kid. Keenum is a legendary Coog. lol

Thank the Lord; because I was wondering if you had lost your mind. However, there were a few on the boards back then that thought Broadway should have started. These were probably guys that let friendship overrule common sense.

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— ifin u caint spell em dey shuna b on yo lis

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How do we rank Davell Lauder?


Andre won because of the R&S? It is partially true but it goes both ways. Remember what happened to David?
In 1990 David had an amazing year 10-1 and on probation for a number of years. There is absolutely no doubts that he should have won the Heisman that year. He was clearly robbed. He did not win for two reasons.
The so called pundits gave it to Andre in 1989 RELUCTANCTLY. He actually barely won it. I remember that the entire press was shocked that he won and not happy at all. uta and atm tried everything to make sure it did not happen. Remember their faces or their comments shortly after?
The same pundits made sure the following year to stick it to David and U of H. Disgusting on all points.
I want to add on other point on the Run N Shoot. Do you all realize how physically draining it is to throw the ball so much? You all remember the “targets” that they were.

There was such an uproar after Klingler put 11 TD’s on Eastern Washington in an 84-21rout, that many writers and announcers swore they would never vote for him for the Heisman. They were disgusted with the Coogs running up the score on helpless teams.

Funny, when OU, UT, Bama, Ohio State, etc run up scores, it’s not poor sportsmanship, it’s just a great team.


You remember Mike that they were also disgusted when Andre was putting up these monstrous numbers. The uta and atm campaign gainst U of H did not end with the ncaa. It is truly a great accomplishment that both Andre and David played the way they did. uta and atm were furious that we were center stage and at the same time on probation. The Running N Shoot was so good that the media could not ignore it. Quite a few reporters loved it.

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No Blake Joseph and al peña… I boo your list!

Top 5 not 7. Simple math. :yum:

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