Top 5 UH receivers of all time?

Carrier, Edwards, Ayers, Greenberry and Stevenson.

Many solid receivers have come through UH especially over the last 15 years

Elmo Wright is No. 1. No debate.


15 years? It doesn’t cover the the true artists.

It is like having a top renaissance masters list born in the 1900’s.

Elmo Wright. He was the best.


For 1 year…James Cleveland


Hell if receiving means punts KOs etc, it is Carrier for the last 15 years.

No Donnie Avery?


Baby J
Manny Hazzard


No disrespect to Carrier but I wouldn’t have him ahead of Avery or Marshall.

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Stats don’t lie

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Marshall stats are better than Carriers so…

Elmo Wright
Riley Odoms
Donnie Avery
James Dixon
Patrick Edwards


I don’t hate this list at all really, I think it’s actually pretty spot on .

I know we all love Avery and his speed but he’s not top 5 for me

for a career?

More yards, yards per catch, and more touchdowns.

All-American Manny Hazard and Elmo Wright should be on the list, as should Donnie Avery.

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Elmo Wright, Riley Odoms, Carl Hilton, Earl Thomas, and then add whoever makes you feel better lol


Big is right. That is a good list.

If you are going to have Coogs who were too lazy to live up to their potential, Carl Hilton would be numero uno.

Butch, good to see a little love for Earl Thomas, who caught a game-winning TD pass on the final play of the game to beat Miami in the Dome and who played 6 years in NFL.
All from Greenville, his running back brothers Mike and Jimmy also played in the NFL. Mike’s first carry at Oklahoma went for an 80-yard TD.

Country star Larry Gatlin told Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show” that he was third string receiver at Houston. He said Elmo Wright was first team and Elmo Wright running backward was second team.


Bill Yeoman once told me that Lloyd Archie could have been as good of a receiver we ever had but sadly he quit in junior college.
Another name that comes to mind is the Branch kid from Wharton JC.
He was committed to us but changed at the last minute to Colorado.
Can you imagine having Elmo, Clifford and Odoms on the field at the same time.
By the way, Archie was ranked one of the best receivers in the country when he came out of Huntsville.
We got a commitment from him because he was close friends with UH running back Alan Polk.
And another receiver who played who was really clutch was Eric Herring who made one of the greatest catches I ever saw at A&M in the final seconds in a come from behind Coog. Sweet memories

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