Top 5 UH receivers of all time?

When Coach viewed the veer as a pass first offense, the weapons that could have been assembled is amazing.

I would have Patrick Edwards on any list right under Elmo Wright. I always wondered what Elmo would have done in a spread offense. Let’s face it, he didn’t get near the opportunities as R&S or spread WR’s.

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Stats won’t tell the real story… everyone isn insane paced air raid will put up big numbers especially against worse competition

If we are talking pure talent… I think for me it’s Wright, Donnie Avery, Jason Phillips, Marquez Stevenson and Deontay Greenberry

Greenberry will get punished for playing in a terrible offense with not great QBs but might have the best talent at WR we probably ever had

And give Stevenson Keenum and that system and his numbers would have been insane

Butch, Alan Polk of Huntsville tore it up on the freshman team in the late 1970s. If he hadn’t gotten injured he would have been a top 10 alltime running back at UH.

Don Bass should make the list.


I think highly of Greenberry since he caught the game-winning 2-point conversion pass from Ward with 59 seconds remaining in beating Pittsburgh 35-34 in the Armed Forces Bowl in January, 2015.
Coogs were down 25, 31-6, in fourth quarter.
Feels good to be on the right end of a 35-34 score.


Don Bass is an all-time great at UH at wide receiver/tight end.
His numbers don’t compare to other UH greats because playing in the mid 70s UH wasn’t throwing 60 passes a game
Numbers and stats are skewed these days. You can’t completely compare players by stats.
Against TCU, Bass caught 4 passes and 3 were long TD passes.
Played for the Bengals along with Wilson Whitley.
Bass was one of my favorite players to talk to. Sad way his life ended. From my perspective, a good guy.

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Elmo Wright then you can choose from a very impressive list.

Coach Yeoman had some amazing WR and TE players. All of them would have thrived in today’s Air Raid Offenses.


I like your list but it’s hard for me to keep Patrick Edwards off of it. Maybe it’s just nostalgia for me though since I was on campus during his time. That dude could ball though. Plus, he somehow miraculously recovered a year later from the broken leg at Mashall game. Crazy.

The fact that a consensus all American named Jason Phillips has yet to make this conversation is weird.


Scroll up and squint your eyes. lol


The fact that Greenberry managed 1200 receiving yards his sophomore year with O’Korn throwing the ball was a testament to his talent.

I really wish he could have stayed for the 2015 season with Herman and a developed Ward at qb.

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that’s my list

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Hmm. OP’s list is just way too noob. No Elmo Wright or Manny Hazard? What do the kids say? “Sus?”

Anywho, Vincent Marshall for me as well. He tutored Patrick Edwards in the Art. :sunglasses:

Oh, man… James Cleveland. That one year he had was just bonkers. Disappeared the following season but the legend was made. As far as one hit wonders go, I liked Jerrian James. Such a mouth, brash young baller. Just couldn’t hit the books enough. :disappointed_relieved:

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Elmo Wright set and held many NCAA passing records while playing in a era when there were only 10 games a season on a team that mostly ran the ball. His omission from your list is heresy.


Greenberry is not even in the conversation.
Neither is James Cleveland who struggled his Sr season

My top 10 off the top of my head since the Run N Shoot. Definitely few others right there with them.

  1. Patrick Edwards
  2. Marquez Stevenson
  3. Brandon Middleton
  4. Jerian James
  5. Jason Phillips
  6. Marcus Grant
  7. Donnie Avery
  8. Vincent Marshall
  9. Orlando Iglesias
  10. Many Hazard

A lot of these lists you guys are making are actually “who had the best qb” or “who played in the better offensive system”

Greenberry was without a doubt one of the best WR we’ve ever had on a pure talent level… okorn would literally stare him down, with no deception every play and it’s was extremely predictable he was being targeted (defense knew to defend him) and he still produced and won jump ball after jump ball… and he didnt have crazy pace to ware teams down

If I’m throwing a 50/50 jump ball into the end zone there’s not a single UH wr I’m taking before Greenberry…

The opposite reasons are why I don’t have Edwards in my top 5 (would have had him in my top 10 tho) … remove the air raid, and specially keenum for the 2000yd season… with keenum and that offense vs that competition, whoever was our top WR was going to put up 1500+ that year no matter who it was

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No way Greenberry is in the top 5 lol

Willis Adams was pretty good. Also, I can’t remember the receiver’s name, but I will never forget the play up at TAMU when Terry Elston threw a TD pass with seconds left to beat the Aggies at their place. They were stunned!


there are actually lots of ways…
again is your argument, “most productive” or “best (based on talent)”…even on a “stat” argument greenberry had the one of best sophomore season as a WR in UH history … and that was without a good qb or great offense
you are comping 5th year season stats to guy who only played 3 years

i might be out of the loop is there some sort of ill will towards greenberry by our fans that im not aware off? like how we never acknowledge tashawn thomas and joe young as good players here, even though they were becuase they transferred?? maybe for not coming back his senior year? or being associated with levine??..

someone actually listed a 1 year player with worse stats on a worse team above him… guys who never cracked 1000yds above him…is there something im missing

im not even arguing stat wise… purely based on talent he is a top 5 UH WR…remving the system, the qb, the pace (things we use to judge WR, that we shouldnt)… if we took all those WR and dropped them in a random system, with the same qb,i tihnk greenberry would shine through

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