Top 5 UH receivers of all time?

I think that the general consensus that CoogFans see when talking about greenberry is an 8-5 record that season. People don’t give Meacham enough credit for what he did with the offense in 2013

in that same sense greenberry is underrated to the success of that team too…people forget how good he was a sophomore … okorn would just throw wild 50/50 jump balls over and over (that most WR in the nation dont catch) that greenberry kept bringing it down…

you take specifically greenberry out of that team and that team is terribly worse
no offense to some of those other WR, if you took them out of their teams, the next WR likely just takes their stats



I need some of the young uns to realize UH has been playing football way earlier than 2000.

Just because a player is talented doesn’t make him a top receiver.

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How can we leave Demarcus Ayers off a top 10 list of WR’s?


Forget that.

How can ANY such list omit CONSENSUS All-American receiver, and inventor of the “end zone dance,” Elmo Wright?

The minute I see such a list that omits him…I automatically reject it, regardless of any of its other merits.


Yes Pesik that is part of the evaluation process in making these list. Just because others don’t have your list doesn’t indicate they didn’t go through the process properly.

Greenberry wasn’t getting separation and didn’t have good hands. He wouldn’t make my top 20 and this is just using 1988 to current.
There are so many others including Justin Johnson, Tyron Carrier, James Dixon, John Brown III, Kimble Anders, Biren Ealy and more I would also feel good having in my top 10.

Edit just went back and was reminded about Demarcus Ayers. To me he is about where Hazard is at number 10.

Of course Wright us probably at the top. I just didn’t see him.

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greenberry had a 1200yd as a true sophomore (one of the best sophomore seasons in UH history), and that wasn’t from playing in a weak c-usa, and not on a air raid offense (the aac with Louisville)… also greenberry had a very good drop rate career wise, elite as a sophomore… he had drop issues only as a junior, but everyone on houston had drop issues that year, imo that had more to do with okorn having no touch and bulleting every single pass, mostly inaccurate to … he was literally known for having an elite catch radius, that was literally on his nfl scouting report, that was used and he had numerous 1 handed catches to his name here

we are free to have our differing opinions… but sayng he isnt even top 20 in the modern era, means you have some sorta bias against him, or pretending on he only played here his junior year… ill just let you keep your bias… you also didnt include tashawn thomas in the list you made for best basketball players in the modern era that had like 30 players, thomas who made 1x all- freshman. 2x all-conference, 1x all-defense in his time here… bias is included in how you make these things i guess

You are doomed. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grin:.

Edit: you can’t Win!

Manny Hazard was Andre’s target in 1989.
He produced 1,689 yards
Spoon came second with 735 yards
Was it the system? Of course it was the system like it was for others. The “sporting” angle is that Manny produced that many yards while every opponent knew HE WAS THE MAN or more likely Andre’s favorite target. For a defense I can tell you that he was a “marked” man. Despite all of that he still produced 1,689 yards. Many Hazard came back in 1990
He produced 946 yards. We had more “balance” than the previous year but 946 yards is still a fantastic number.
Can you imagine the physical strength, mental dedication and endurance that is needed to catch that many footballs? 142 catches and 78 catches these are amazing numbers.
IMO I have both Mr. Elmo Wright and Mr. Many Hazard above everybody else.

James Cleveland was no slouch either…

One reason I don’t need to go back and revisit stats. I know who was good.

Greenberry definitely isn’t in my top 5 and probably not in my top 10 either. But not in the top 20 only going back to 1988? That just sounds like sour grapes to me. I mean even in a slightly shortened career with a bit of regression his junior, he still ranks 9th all-time in yardage (that without the benefit of playing multiple years with an elite QB). So not sure I get the hate.

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Anybody that saw Elmo play would have him at the top of the list.

Some of these lists don’t even mention him for crying out loud.

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He might make the Top 20. I doubt he’d make my Top 10.

Worst list since Yeoman


Elmo is #1 on any list.

Fact is, he’s the only UH WR in the College HOF. Prerequisite is must be an All American.


Even forgetting that he never played with an elite QB/offensive scheme, he’s still 9th all time in passing yards and TDs. I respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion but come on. Not top 20 since 1988, that’s just hating.

As I said, this is my top 5, as well.

But I’d put Vincent Marshall, Donnie Avery, Tyron Carrier and Orlando Iglesias ahead of Greenberry–maybe a few others if I thought about it long enough (and I didn’t see the 70s or early 80s–so can’t say anything about anyone in those years)…

And it’s not because I didn’t like him. I did like him. And he had some big games. But the guys I’d put in front brought it every game, IMO.

As long as the lists have Elmo Wright No. 1, I’m good.

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