Top Gun and America

An interesting read from an UHD professor. Proving we do have conservative professors in America
The first movie was always overrated to me. I still have no interest in the new one despite the good reviews,

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Agree on all of it, feel the same way about the movie as you too. This was a quote I pulled from the article, " Not convinced these things have an effect on the excellence and aptitude of American military force? What about the lowering of physical-fitness requirements for recruits, a decision even enlisted men admit has a negative impact".

I made that post that about the president’s test (which I deleted, not a mod). I wasn’t joking when I said or quoted directly the evolution of our attitude towards children’s health in the 2010s. A complete 180.

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Wow, talk about 180! Right wing went from deifying the military to denigrating them as a bunch of woke group of incompetents. lol.


Our own Texas senator praised the russian army over ours.

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This is the guy that wrote that article. Seems like he would be an expert in this space with that background.

Adam Ellwanger is a professor of English at the University of Houston-Downtown. He is the author of Metanoia: Rhetoric, Authenticity, and the Transformation of the Self , now available in paperback . You can follow him on Twitter @1HereticalTruth.


The author’s dad was a pilot, but he never served himself. I’d take his opinions with a grain or three of salt. We didn’t lose a war to a third-world country, as he states. We obeyed the rules of war to avoid the total devastation the Russians are inflicting on the parts of Ukraine they can shell. I’ll lean towards doing the morally correct thing.


My dad owns a construction business but I don’t go around saying people don’t know how to build things.


I disagree with a lot he wrote…i mostly laughed…he does know it is a movie and not real, top gun maverick is as real as jurassic park.

The original was not a great movie but was a huge boost for navy recruiting and audiences connected with it, it was a fun, simple and exciting film.

If he bothered to do a bit of reserach, he would know it was not russia or china as the fictional country. It is a country that bought and still flies F14s (hint it is Iran) they never say the name in the movie, just like in the original.

They use the f18 because the f35 and f22 are more advanced but didnt work for the movie. It waa not an attempt to make us look weak.

If anything the message is like the first it is the skill of the pilot and not the plane.

The premise of the movie is an impossible mission where they are outgunned and will not make it back, but if they trust each other and work as a team…they have a chance.

I saw that in a making of the movie segment.

I have seen TG Maverick twice, it is a true pop corn summer tent pole film, a true summer block buster.

The plot is thin, but has some emotional heft you dont see coming and if your a fan of the first, there is a scene that might make you think about what happens when you chop onions.

There is no political or social agenda in the film, it is not trying to make a statement, lots of many films now do, even if very subtle.

Go see it, you will enjoy it. If you liked the original you will like this one more.


There are several points he makes in the article that are just plain wrong.
But he is thinly writing a “movie review” for the TAC magazine readers.
Giving them what they want and what he believes. Feel sorry for his students.

Be interesting if some of them could a review of his classes.


Yeah, but he is spot on when it comes to physical fitness attitude in this country…

This is the guy’s opinion. He comes across as nostalgic for a time and place that he never experienced first hand, so it is mythologized. Modern society, to include military service, has a lot of ambiguities to navigate. Remembering the glorious past that never was helps some face the present. It ain’t my modus operandi, but to each his own.

He can be a terrific professor whether or not we find ourselves in agreement. His opinions don’t preclude him being a great teacher who grades fairly. So, no disparagement of a prof at my alma mater. :slight_smile:


Naw, it is a wild world trying to teach these days… you’d be surprised. You’ll have students who are your sworn enemy these days.

I’m just curious of how much of his extreme right philosophy bleeds over into his courses.
He may be a straight shooter; or subtle indoctrination. Isn’t that what UH political science
professors accused of, only on the commie side ?

Wait, I thougt all profs were leftist trying to endocrinate kids?


College kids should be smart enough to not be unduly influenced, separating a viewpoint from a demonstrable fact. Having been a UHD student, I can assure you that any conservative viewpoints are more than balanced out by the remainder of the faculty. Good for UHD for hiring him.


Oh please, that ain’t extreme right wing… everything is extreme to you


Exactly. When anybody complains about how all professors are Commie liberals i remember being told “Greed is good” by my economics professor and introduced to Thomas Freedman in modern Middle East studies.


100%, faculty will make you very uncomfortable, mean mug you, and think less of you. I experienced it, and it really does suck…

Anyone here actually seen TG Maverick?

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