Tramon Mark - was struggling

I agree…when he’s aggressive and looks to score, UH is a very difficult team to defend. His dribble drive stop and pop mid-range game is money. I love that kid’s smooth all around game. He is a difference maker…defense, ball handling, making the extra pass, and now that it’s March, he’s scoring.

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Does it seem like he is pushing his 3s attempts? Is the release point different then the 2 point attempts? 9-17, 0-4 (3s), 8-9 FTs, 9 rebounds, 26 points.

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1st page of sports section this morning had a big photo of Mark dribbling and the headline was:
Mark UH’s “X Factor.” Duarte was spot on.


Atta boy, Pollard.

I was thinking we would have to muck it up a lot more.

81 points. With Sasser and Shead not at 100%. Plus sitting a ton in the second half.

Our offense blows!!!


Thanks Jo.

I guess they didn’t see TM as any sort of threat….which is understandable with his recent play.

Honestly, his game has always been there I think he has just deferred to Shead and Sasser so much he doesn’t feel comfortable on the offensive end.

The foul trouble today could have been a blessing in disguise.


This is where I am starting to get.

He can function fine as a third option. He had a solid season this year.

But as option 1? Which we can see next year. He will blossom.


Haha it was true for NKU, but damn am I as proud as anyone else here on his performance @auburn

Good call

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He’ll really blossom if CKS will hire an offensive assistant!