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D1 baseball reporting some quality Tulane kids hitting the portal. I’m sure the impeding coaching change is at least partially an impetus there.

Anyone heard anything about our guys hitting the portal?

The decision to keep CTW must have already been made. Year end meetings with the AD should have already happened.

Interesting to me that there hasn’t been much news about kids moving around as yet.

Just beginning the NCAAs. FWIW, I couldn’t find a comprehensive portal list like we can for football and hoops. Likely everyone is grabbing the good Juco players right now.

Tulane has a couple of hitters that would look good in Scarlet

UH has 6 players in the transfer portal:

|Dawson Smith|Houston||
|Will Duncan|Houston||
|Patrick Dunn|Houston||
|Mike Rhylick|Houston||
|Skyler Trevino|Houston||
|Derrick Cherry|Houston|

Those two Tulane hitters are studs and will likely end up SEC, ACC I would think.

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ALSO … the biggest name in the transfer portal??? Tommy Tanks! Tommy White from NC State. Absolutely mind blowing.

Guessing serious NIL money at a place like, say, Vandy or Mississippi State, etc. may come into play on this one? I can’t make any sense of him wanting to leave NC State where he is already an absolute legend. This one is startling.

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Disappointed to see Cherry leave. One of our stud local recruits that I thought would finish his career here…he seemed loyal through some tough times.

Our incoming freshman class shows 11 coming in. 2 from the Houston area (Klein Oak and Macarthur).

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Cherry has apparently had enough


Thanks for posting this, JW. Much appreciated.

Is there a URL where you went to look this up, or did you see it reported somewhere?

If you wouldn’t mind keeping us posted on the portal front, I think we’d all appreciate the info.

Sad to see Cherry’s name, but not surprised since he was little used towards the end of the season.

Go Coogs

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The report is wants to go back to the Sunshine State to finish his Collegiate career.

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No problem! If you have a subscription to you can view the names in the portal here: 2022 D1Baseball Transfer Tracker • D1Baseball

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And, Whitting says the program is headed in the right direction…yeah, right. Then why is one of your better players leaving? smh


Why are we sitting at home watching regional schools play in the tournament?


That he wasn’t developed as a position player is a real head scratcher…kid could rake, heck he wasn’t a pitcher before UH. TWO kids from Houston…that’s some stellar recruiting there…and people want to keep this staff…pfftttttt…CTW will get rolled up quicker than a fresh HEB butter tortilla in the Big 12


Gotta be an interesting back story….

I recall a few seniors being kicked off the team at the end of last season.

Always expect a few to transfer but wow, thats a lot of innings to replace. Almost 40% of our innings this season in the transfer portal. Yeesh.


This is a bad look.

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This is just stupid at this point…… if he stays I’m done with the baseball program…. Not that he or anyone cares…. Just ranting.

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