Transfers and JUCO fall 2024!

Blinn JUCO has some hot players possibly heading to UH baseball !



Hey listen.

I’d be happy with any players that might help us to stop sucking!

They say the same thing every year, great JUCO class, etc but we still stink up the joint lol


There’s always players ready to plsay, even ones from Iowa, St. Louis and Rhode Island. We rule RI.

I never want to see another signing from north of the Mason-Dixon Line again. How about New Mexico? Can we start recruiting in that direction if we can’t recruit the surrounding area?


Is there a coach that will also be transferring in to take over?


No need to post the information in two different threads……

You just joined Coogsfan so I’m guessing you are a relative or friend….cool that you are excited but this is not going to excite the fan base.

We here the same thing every year.

Also in the other thread you say “Whitting has grabbed three top notch players”

And now in this thread you say “some hot players POSSIBLY headed to UH”.

So which is it?

McGinnis and Climie lead the team with 14 HRs each with 0.392 and 0.370 BA respectively. Bishop is batting only 0.280 but leads the team with 21 SB attempts and zero caught stealing.

Both McGinnis and Climie have UH commitments on X. It’s a great opportunity to make UH competitive in the Big 12.

Bishop hit like 100 points higher last year….

Like I said if they make it cool, if not best of luck to them.

Yes I have friends and families in the baseball world and former families UH. Wife took many classes through UH. Longtime supporter of UH baseball. So many we know that have chances to visit or be apart of UH baseball. However , now with transfers coming and going from all over , new times. Possibly meaning exactly that. There’s the Draft and months in between till fall. Let’s hope that UH can grab players like this that play here in Texas. Grew up in Texas and want to play in Texas. I think that would create a buzz for the fan base. But like you reiterated, Possibly. Fun to follow and see where are this goes.

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The only thing that will energize our baseball fanbase is a new coach and some winning


Having a few guys come in from “Texas” is not going to move the needle.

Everyone that posts on this board is a longtime UH baseball fan that has supported the team through good and bad.

We are fed up.

TW should have been gone three years ago.

I have personally nudged two high level D-1 players to go elsewhere……when we get a new coach that will change.


Understandable. I feel your frustration in the threads.

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That was part of my point sharing that some quality players that have been through all of this transfer stuff over last two years. And now bouncing back in Juco with a chip to show they can compete and excel in the Big 12.

I understand where they are coming from….i think all three of those guys could really help UH next year……I hope after replacing the coach( which is likely to happen) they will stay on.


Those guys are good, but they are not going to turn the program around. Not even close!

Agreed. But with the addition of kids like this around a core of players and others, maybe UH baseball can turn it around.

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Oh yeah. And “turning it around” is at such a low bar it would almost be impossible not to do “that”.

Congrats to Blinn for beating San Jacinto and advancing to the JUCO World Series.

We had the #1 ranked JUCO class few years ago….didn’t amount to squat unfortunately. Program needs a new face and a change of direction. To say otherwise is just foolish and accepting a bottom feeder in the Big 12. Whitts great guy and has done tremendous job improving the facilities but as The Don would say “Nothing personal, it’s strictly business” It’s WAY past time to make the change