Trevon Stewart uses college career to become entrepreneur


“Everyone has the same 24 hours, you choose how you want to spend them.” These are words of wisdom from Trevon Stewart, former defensive back for University of Houston Football and current CEO of JackBoyz Apparel. It is obvious that Trevon has optimized his time extremely well. After completing his collegiate career, he immediately traded in the jersey and cleats for the responsibilities of entrepreneurship.


I WANT that hoodie!!! :grinning:

The NFL should have given him an opportunity. At least on a practice squad.


You can get it here:


Agreed; no idea why he couldn’t even get a tryout.


5"8 190 pounds and ran a 4.7 40

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Woah, they’re back

Looks like they plan the 2019 open and may be working on the site.

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Gibbs and the Jackboyz are back in 2019 !?!?


Trevon and Stephen Jackson never got fair shots in the NFL. Who cares how tall they are they were both ballers.


Look at the RB from Denver… Heart has left the building as far as modern sports will mention but America was built on such.


I refuse to believe he ran a 4.7 40. No way. Maybe on a bad day in the rain against the wind.

I’d be careful blindly endorsing this guy. He went all farakhan on Twitter after he graduated and became a “black israelite” where he basically believes white people are evil and the Bible preaches that only black/native Americans are pure yadda yadda it’s some dark stuff

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I followed him on twitter and it was some disturbing stuff.

Dang that is weird. Always seemed like a good, level headed dude.

Please post a link to this so-called disturbing behavior. I can’t find it.

Yup, loved him as a coog and a player he was awesome to watch come up with the ball and motivated the defense.

Not sure how he wound up into that stuff but sometimes you can find whatever you want to see.

He’s either been banned on social media or deleted the stuff. Basically he was in an echo chamber with other people saying the same things he was. You can google black Hebrew Israelites and see what they believe but they think they are the only lords people because of their skin color and the Jews stole the land from them

He deleted his Twitter account as it wasn’t just those twitter posts. He was also involved in a legal struggle in regards to the Jackboyz name with Gavin Stansbury (he claimed he came up with it and copyrighted the term).

Not even sure Trevon is running the company anymore.

Didn’t have to look hard for this.