TT game thoughts

I would like to express some thoughts on the upcoming game against TT and hope we can keep any discussion just about the actual game on the field and without comments about fans, attendance, restaurants, and Lubbock.

I expect another hard-fought game, but I can’t really take anything from their beatdown of Murray which is a lower division team. I don’t know if they are FCS or NAIA or what. The only thing I got from that game was that their starter was still having non-passing shoulder issues and will probably not start against UH. However, their backup is very good and big. He was the MVP against Miss State in their bowl game last season, so there is no loss on that front in my opinion.

UTSA had some very fast receivers and I expect the same from TT. There were a few plays where the birds had receivers wide open, especially across the middle, that cost us. We will have to prevent that this week; I am sure the TT staff will pick up on that when they study the game tape (or flash drive).

One thing that may be a factor is that they have a new coaching staff and new system. In CDH’s press conference this morning he said he wasn’t sure if they will be running more of a Kliff Kingsbury offense or the one the new OC is more familiar with. I know he will be going over their game film against Murray and can determine some things, but I am sure they didn’t show all of their cards against such an overmatched team.

On the injury front, CDH said everyone that played in San Antonio will be back ready to go against TT. I think there’s another player that didn’t make the trip (I believe it’s Nunnery) that will be back and ready. So, health wise we are in good shape. CDH said Henry could have gone back in against UTSA, but it gave him a chance to get a better look at Campbell, with whom he was pleased.

He said some of our defenders, who slipped down, did so because they were running out of control and not because of the turf. That will be addressed as will many other things from the first game. Tune ran more than he wanted because there were no receivers open, and the pressure was on. He did a great job of escaping and making something out of nothing, in my opinion.

All in all, I am confident we will win this game. I don’t think it will be easy and I don’t know how high the scores from either team will be, but i expect more fireworks from both sides.


My thoughts. …tech sux!


Seems like a 45-38 kind of game but heck I know who has the 45

I want to see our D take down the QB when they get to him this week. I think we’ll see a big improvement in that area.
Can we get a positive run game. We seem set on the idea so i guess we’ll keep trying.
I’m confident the coaches and players really want the game. They know they should have won last year. This is probably the one game they have circled. Time to prove we belong. I think that we show on Saturday.
Be sure to plant a palm tree if you go up there

  1. their starting qb is hurt. Shoulder.

  2. Tech’s dc is Tim De Ruyter. He’s had Dana’s number

  3. Lubbock did not register a bbq joint in the Texas Monthly top 50


That was awhile back though. Looks like more than ten years. Dana is different and its his first year at Tech.

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DeRuyter is the one that Dana tried to hire here, correct?

He did in the 2009 bowl game. In the 2008 bowl against AFA we didn’t have much trouble moving the ball. And I remember weather conditions were terrible (high winds, freezing rain, IIRC) for passing in ‘09. Air Force ran the ball 72 times.

Don’t want to jinx it, but I feel more confident about this game as well. Fingers crossed.



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I don’t have anything against Tech other that them behaving like douchebags and leaving mountains of trash on our campus during the Case game.

So I hope we hammer them and I can’t stand them. I’m sure they are nice people when they aren’t calling us g5 and Cougar High and throwing litter everywhere.


I think they know that being in the Big 12 is going to be bad for them for football in the long run. We comin’. lol


They will push the pace on offense more than probably anyone else we play, so that will be an adjustment. The OC worked with Kingsbury when Mahomes was there, but his offense is probably more pass-centric than Kliff’s was. Regardless, it’s been several years since Kliff was there, so the current players are learning a new offense. If our defense plays like it did most of the UTSA second half, we should be in good shape, but the first half defense will get picked apart. And they have two solid RBs that we’ll have to account for. With their fast pace, our defense will have the opportunity to really take control of the game.

I’m more worried about our offense vs their defensive front. I would expect them to be better overall than UTSA, and they have a couple of really good pass-rushers. That being said, their secondary wasn’t very sharp last weekend, and if Tune gets a little time along with some good route-running, we should score some points.

Sack Ave makes triumphant return and gets back on track for chart topping season average.


We had 3 sacks in the UTSA game, we need to double that Saturday!


I’m hoping we can but if they are getting rid of it as quick as UTSA it’s virtually impossible.

I expect a Houston win in another close game. That said, Tech better get us this year or next, because the worm has turned. Our recruiting is going to go through the roof, and they are going to be eating our dust for a long, long time. Deep down, I think they already know this.


Texas Tech has much better facilities and a lot bigger NIL $$$ program than does UH so I wouldn’t be so quick to disrespect their program’s future vis-a-vis UH’s future. Look, we’ve got some SERIOUS catching up to do.

Tech and Baylor both have a $500+ million head-start in the Big12. (+$25 million/year for 20+ years).


I really liked the way we rushed the UTSA QB later in the game - a little more controlled and ensuring he stayed contained. Need to mix it up some to keep the offense guessing.

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My brother is a Tech guy and I have been to several Tech games. They have a decided advantage over UH in terms of YEARS of $$ coming in to them. UH will catch up to all the Big 12 teams fairly quickly, but it won’t be for a couple of years. As far as the football game is concerned, UH has had one hell of a test and Tech had a scrimmage. I think UH will bring it, and the experience of playing in San Antonio will help UH.