TT Smack Talk

Love the smack talk between TT and UH. Reminds me of the good old SWC. Nothing like being in a conference with in-state rivals.

• If you can’t get your grades up, get your guns up.
• What do you get when you drive slowly by TT campus? A degree.
• How many UH players have transferred to TT?
• Best thing out of Lubbock: US-84.
• Little Cody says to mom: I want to be a Red Raider when I grow up. Mom: But Cody, you can’t do both.

This is what we have to look forward to in 2023!


Tech vs Houston going to be a huge big 12 rivalry in football and basketball


I agree, it’s going to become very nasty between these schools.


Watch out for the raider rash


Stay away from the Raider Trash, and you won’t get the Raider Rash.

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Basketball, sure but I can’t call football a rival until we start beating them again.


Its already gotten nasty and its gonna keep escalating. Remember last year’s brawl in the stands?

Plus on their board, they’re talking about trting to run the score up on us.

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  • What’s the difference between a Red Raider and a carp? One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.

How do you get a tech grad off your front porch?

Pay him for the pizza.


I think that tortilla toss thing that they do is the stupidest thing ever.


What’s the difference between a Red Raider wedding and a Red Raider funeral?

One less drunk at the funeral.


They have dust storms and the place smells like manure.


Q: What is the definition of safe sex down in Lubbock? A: Placing signs on the animals that kick.


Ewww, they have TT on their shirts

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Why are there only two pallbearers at a Red Raider’s funeral? Because there are only two handles on a trashcan.


Carvana finally opened in Lubbock


that’s firkin hilarious!! Cold…but funny!!


sand aggies

-The Sand Aggie is well versed in the art of profanity, chewing Rooster tobacco, and making tortillas to take to TTU football games.
-The typical dwelling for the Sand Aggie is the maufactured home preferably made by Pearl Harbor.
-Foods that the Sand Aggie consume are Spam, Vienna Sausages(the little ones that are canned),Chef Boyardee (any product), Spaghetti O’s etc…
-It was the dream of the Sand Aggie to go to Texas A$M but he or she was not bright enough to get into that "hallowed"institution of “higher learning”
-The Sand Aggie’s usual choices for college after recieving their High school Diploma or GED are TTU,Sul Ross State, Angelo State,Paris JC, Weatherford JC, ITT Tech,MTI, and Billy Bobs School of Truck Driving.
-The typical mode of transporation for the Sand Aggie is the pickup. These are the most popular brands among Sand Aggs: the 1981 Ford-F150,1985 Jimmy or Blazer and the 1983 Datsun pickup.(any model)
-Typical Sand Aggie majors are Fashion and Merchandising, Custodial Arts, Ranch management, Truck driving,Construction Science and other trades.


A Texas A&M (Aggie) grad, a Texas Tech (TT) grad and a University of Houston grad end up at the urinals in a bar.

The Aggie finishes first, walks over to the sink and loudly proclaims “In my health class at Texas A&M we were taught to wash our hands after using the bathroom to prevent disease” and proceeds to splash soap and water everywhere. Additionally, while drying off he uses more paper towels than are necessary.

The TT grad finishes next, walks over to the sink and loudly proclaims that "While at TT in addition to learning the value of washing our hands in our health class I took an environmental class and learned the importance of taking care of the environment " and proceeds to use the minimum water and paper towels needed for the job.

When the UH grad finishes he mumbles under his breath “I learned not to piss on my hands in kindergarden” and walks out the door.


For you older Coogs, when UH and TT tied for the SWC Championship in UH’s first year in 1976, who went to the Cotton Bowl based on a head-to-head win in Lubbock?