Tulane is literally a glorified FCS team

This loss is baffling.

Huh? You’re kidding, right? They have just as many high-quality transfers from P5 schools as we do. The quarterback transferred from LSU. The wide receiver that caught the pass was a transfer from Oklahoma State. They have a much better defensive line then we do. Their talent on the defensive side of the ball is much better. I know it’s hard to admit, but the talent isn’t there on the defense of side of the ball for UH.

Honestly, I was fine hiring Holgerson but I’ve always wanted Willy Fritz at U of H. The guy can coach. He’s one at every stop. And if he sticks around it’ll keep getting better and better. The talent is there.


Yeah, people get real stupid after a tough loss. They will have 7-8 wins, back to back bowl games.


How so? Our defense is not top notch. Give them some credit, they are pretty decent this year despite their recent history


They are really well coached and do more with less. Good for them and AAC.


Quoted for truth and accuracy.

I’ve noted several times on this board over the years that Tulane, Tulsa, SMU and ECU don’t belong in the AAC. But I have to admit that Tulane is stepping up their game, have a good coach and making their program worth something.

Give the winners Credit, they didn’t quit and made history.


Terrible thread. Tulane is a pretty good team with an excellent coach. Lock, shutdown and burn this thread.


They won their bowl game last season. Sure it wasn’t against. P5 team but still. They are improving. This isn’t baffling. They out coached us and out played us. That wasn’t a fluke. Not saying I’d bank on their future v ours tho…


Tulane was efficient when they had their chances to score. They scored.

UH was super-duper efficient in the first 1.5 quarters. Then the efficiencies took a nose dive. King missed a wide open WR in the end zone. Subsequent missed FG. Another missed FG and a TD pass dropped.

UH could’ve walked out of NOLA with a win, but the inability to finish caught up with UH today.


Yeah, I think this is on the coaches, but OP is a bad take.


Tulane went out and got one of the best coaches available…maybe one of the best period.

They haven’t had this much buzz since Mack was there.


Fritz has done nothing but build winning programs and that’s exactly what he’s doing here. This is downright silly.


I was shocked at how talented they are on offense…Now i see how they beat Memphis last year 40-24…
Still cant believe we lost…


They finished tied for first place in the West Division last year—and they are better this year than last.


Why is the fanbase acting like this is the worst loss ever? We beat them at home last year and lost to them on their field 2yrs ago. I know we haven’t forgot losing to them on homecoming in 2014.


It’s like people think you can snap your fingers and, proof, your defense can go from worst to first.


Not sure FCS, Fritz sure had a P5 wife


We were way ahead of those folks and making mincemeat out of them.

Yet somehow…they had the coaching to make 2nd half adjustments, and we didn’t.

Let’s hope that our staff shows us more next time.


Coach V prepared us for this.

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The loss isn’t baffling. It’s HOW we loss’d that’s baffling. The team couldn’t regain the momentum in all three phases of the game. Our coverage units were so bad we decided to squib kick at the end. They touched the ball on their own 20. A simple 10 yard run set up shop for them at their own 30. They only needed what, 40 yards for a mid range FG attempt? Of course we all know what happened after that. Smh