Tulane vs UH - 2023 AAC Baseball Tourney - UH Game 1


Money Murray hits one to Largo.
UH 2-0.

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Oh Ek…
2 to 6 just like that ?

Its a 2-8 whippin ?
What the _____ !!!

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Think we might want to get somebody up in the bullpen? :thinking:

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Just not our day.

Well, this is getting out of hand…

We may get run ruled.

Saves our pitching for game 2

Looks like this is gonna to be a high scoring game.

Ready for that new coach!!!


Wow 8-6 only second inning

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Good inning for the good guys.

Pitchers duel.

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That sky looks threatening. I’m hoping we can pull even or ahead soon in case this game is called.

Anyone know the rule on this? If it’s held up due to rain, can it be called or will they finish later?

Shows it moving east.

As the great Buddy Guy would say:

Change In The Weather - YouTube

Hope so.

I scanned this thread but never saw the final score in the opener.

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Its B9 2 outs
8 to 10.
UH w runner on 1st.

And ECU lost