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If you have hbo watch the righteous gemstones.


Watched every season——this last one was the best IMO.

Steve Zahn and Lukas Haas were great, next season should be really good.

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Thanks for the heads up on season 3! I did enjoy 1/2.

I just saw that Season Two of “House of the Dragon” begins on June 16th.

Here’s a trailer.

So I get House of Dragons and Season 4 of The Boys the same week?

That’s a great entertainment week for me!

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Outer Range start season :two: May 16th- Amazon

Mayor of Kingstown season 3 June 2nd- Paramount

The Outlaws season 3 May 31st- Amazon

If you like British humor and Christopher Walken I recommend The Outlaws….

I also noticed that there’s a Dune:Prophecy original series coming out on MAX in the Fall.

Set 10,000 years before the events of Dune.

I enjoyed the novel as a teen. I have watched and mostly enjoyed the movies/mini-series.

Having said all that - this will suck. Hack studio writers looking to cash-in. I’ll watch it anyway

The Gentlemen is interesting and quite bloody but every Brit show I’ve seen lately has been bloody

Coppola’s opus, Megalopolis, that he’s been working on, since 1977 premieres in Canes tomorrow:

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