U Cincinnati 18th straight sellout today -- What's wrong with Us?

Even with a bad year they came to the games. They pretty much mirror us except for…


Worst fanbase in P5


Damn…yeah, that’s puzzling.

At this point idk what is wrong with us tbh.


Dana is our problem. Cincy had a NY6 and Playoffs to build enthusiasm.

UH attendnace didnt start tapering off until 2018 with Applewhite. Dana finished it off with his losing ways.

Also UH neutering tailgating and not replacing Taco Cabana, the Stadium Apparel store among others.


It’s impressive that they kept the sellouts going this year.

Our 2017 season featured a start with Rice at 38,900 attendance and dropping every game until Navy on Nov 24 with just 29,200. The declining attendance and the blowout loss the next year to Army sealed CMA’s fate. The last game in 2018 vs Tulane featured only 24200 announced attendance.


The Tech loss was the beginning of the end in retrospect


I’m telling y’all, there’s nothing for people to do before/after games around our campus. There’s no strip of bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Imagine families being able to get to campus early to beat traffic, go hang out at a BDubs or something and catch the early slate of games, then walk over to TDECU for the main event. Or catch the game and afterwards walk over to some bars with people you met while tailgating. Win or lose, at least it’s a good time, even if it’s getting together to crap on Dana.
There’s also no alum living closeby. Why no luxury apartments or condo towers for folks that work in downtown or in the loop? Right now most people don’t even feel safe walking across the street, let alone live nearby.
Also, parking sucks like no other.


We’re the same as I’ve seen my entire life. I see nothing that’s going to change that other than going undefeated for the next 100 years.

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Well hoops is sold out for the season.

Don’t need tailgating for hoops.


Tell me the last time UH was ranked 4 years in a row, top 10 back to back, CFP appearance, 2 conference championships, and 2 undefeated regular seasons. That would be never.
That kind of record will buy some goodwill for a few years, even for a bad one.


Dana is not the problem. If a new coach loses two games in a row there will be thousands of empty seats at TDECU. Crap fan base.


If only the fans wouldn’t come out unprepared and give up 77


They have a different student fan base than we do. At the championship game, you could see the difference.

Yeah…our P5 invite wasn’t earned.

We are dead last in all of the P5 in fan support.

Cincinnati and UCF are direct “apples to apples” comparisons and they are way ahead of us!

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We suck that’s the problem


Yea. The one three years ago


Not helpful. It’s the lack of a program coach.

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Somo merda, thats why. :unamused:

Ehh I’m sure this is a factor but it’s mainly because we just suck

Houstonians want to see a winning team. Why it’s different in Cincinnati Ohio I don’t know, but Houston is not Cincinnati


Both have had multiple undefeated regular seasons in the last 10 years. We haven’t done that once in 75 years. We haven’t even been ranked 2 years in a row since 1990. Not apples to apples.