UC Irvine Game 2 Thread (W 5-4)

Let’s keep it going!

Different lineup tonight

Wong C
Lockhart RF
Davis DH
Scheiner SS
Triolo 3B
Padgett CF
Julks LF
Monacy 1B
Hollis 2B

Ullom P


Top 1st
Wong Ks
Lockhart Grounds out to 2B
Davis pops out to the 1B who runs it down

M1…No score

Bottom 1st
2 groundouts, a bloop double to right, and a flyout to left for UCI Irvine

T2…No score

Top 2nd
Scheiner singles to left
Triolo grounds into a 6-4-3 double play even with Scheiner running
Padgett doubles off the wall in right
Julks doubles down the line in left, Padgett scores…Coogs lead 1-0
Monacy drives it off the pitcher’s glove and it bounces into a ground out

M2…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 2nd
K#1, Groundout to Scheiner that Monacy makes a nice catch and tag on, and a groundout to Triolo that you can put a star by

T3…UH leads 1-0

Top 3rd
Hollis grounds out to short - nice play by the shortstop
Wong singles to left
Lockhart grounds into a Fielder’s Choice, Wong out at second
Davis Ks swinging

M3…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 3rd
Ground out to Short, Flyout to CF, Single to right, Single to center, K#2

T4…UH leads 1-0

Top 4th
Scheiner singles up the middle
Triolo fouls out to 3rd
Scheiner to 2nd on a wild pitch
Padgett bloops a double down the left field line, Scheiner to 3rd (had to hold)
Julks doubles down the line in right, Scheiner and Padgett score…Coogs lead 3-0
Monacy grounds out to 1st, Julks to 3rd
Hollis grounds out to end the inning

M4…UH leads 3-0

Bottom 4th
K#3, Groundout to Hollis, K#4

T5…UH leads 3-0

Top 5th
Wong pops out to short
Lockhart flies out to center
Davis flies out to center

M5…UH leads 3-0

Bottom 5th
Ground out to short, Flyout to center, walk, and a flyout to right

T6…UH leads 3-0

Ullom just rolling along

Top 6th
Scheiner doubles down the line in left
Triolo grounds out to short, Scheiner to 3rd
Padgett grounds out to 1st
Julks singles to left, Scheiner scores…Coogs lead 4-0
Monacy singles to right, Julks to 3rd
Hollis singles to center, Julks scores, Monacy to 2nd…Coogs lead 5-0
Wong grounds out to 1st

M6…UH leads 5-0

Julks might be back, folks.

Bottom 6th
Walk, FC, Flyout to center, single, and a HR put 3 on the bard for UCI…Coogs lead 5-3
Groundout to 3rd ends the inning

T7…UH leads 5-3

Top 7th
New pitcher for UCI
Lockhart Ks
Davis Ks
Scheiner fouls out to C

M7…UH leads 5-3

Is it just me or did something happen to the audio?

Same problem here, audio still going, but Branham not talking

I can hear him faintly in the background with headphones on. Something must have came unplugged.

There he is.

UC-I bats are starting to wake up. Hopefully we can hold on.