UCF defensive recruiting

UCF is quietly putting together a great haul. I know we always talk about how we are a sleeping giant and just wait until we can recruit the P5 as equals in Texas. I guess UCF got the same memo in Orlando. They might be at an advantage with Miami and Florida State sucking wind the last few years.


The Big 12 is going to be REALLY good and UCF is one of the reasons.


UCF and Cincy are recruiting their butts off since joining the big 12


I believe Malzahn is a great recruiter, and it’s showing with the quality of players they’re reeling in.

Hope we’re at least able to keep up with them & Cincy going into the Big 12. So far we haven’t secured any attention-grabbing names for the 2023 season that I’m aware of.

Then again, I have noticed that Holggi & his staff have heavily recruited out of the portal during their time here at UH.


The fact that he can simply retire right now and seems to just be coaching for fun is amazing. 21 mil to get fired from Auburn.

Imagine having Judas and that staff in '16 with the Big 12 membership :astonished:


We would have had a whole class of Ed Olivers.

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I sure hope CDH is planning to jump up the charts here soon.

UCF and Cincinnati is a direct Apples to Apples comparison- no excuses.


He would’ve cleaned up last year and this year.


Right, had forgotten about that. Respect to the man, he must really love his job, and I’m sure he’ll do well with UCF.

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I’m just nervous about losing belk next year. He’s our best recruiter, with this probably being his last year, unless nobody wants to give him a head coaching gig which u highly doubt. Replacing his coaching AND recruiting won’t be easy. I think we will finish this class strong. Not worried about the offense since we stacked up on guys in that unit. But we are about to lose A LOT of defensive guys this year, that’s scary going into the big 12. Especially if we lose a ton of defensive guys and our defensive coordinator


If he is our best recruiter then why are Cincinnati and UCF runnung circles around us?

UCF has what, 4 4 stars already? How many donwe have ?

I’m not even going to answer this question because it makes absolutely no sense.


Great point. We often argue about Texas, Alabama and Georgia. Florida has been experiencing a major population increase. It does not seem like it will stop anytime soon. We are indeed similar to UCF. I see them as our greater BIG12 threat. This includes teetech, baylor, osu and cinci. UCF is starting to be a real threat to Florida, FSU and Miami. We need to keep up with UCF. Our overall power conference “value” depends on it.

See the subject of this thread.

Read the inititial post

Belk is our best recruiter, cincy or UCF out recruiting us (at the moment) doesn’t change that. Your question doesn’t make sense to me. There is no correlation. Belk can be our best recruiter and cincy and UCF can be out recruiting us currently like what are you trying to ask?


UCF is clearly out recruiting all of the new BIG12 members. We have to do better but keep in mind that so called “stars” are only real when they perform. As a coach I can honestly say the field, only the field matters.

I don’t think Belk is in a rush to go anywhere. Supposedly Miami was after him according to Granato on his show & offered him the job with more money but he decided to stay. There’s a deep loyalty with Holgorsen with Belk which reminds me of Venables & Dabo and we are willing to pay high salaries especially with the new media rights with the big 12 coming in. Belk won’t leave in my opinion until the right head coach job comes along.

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I wouldn’t say clearly better than cincy they have a lot of commits, 3 4stars, and 10 players rated 88+ so they are also doing really good. UCF just has 1 more 4 start than them so they are on par with each other

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