UFO Bombshell: U.S. Intelligence Whistleblower Says Feds Have 'Intact' Craft | HuffPost Latest News

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I call BS on this. Im not saying there is not intelligent life in the universe, I am just saying i have not seen any evidence yet. My dad and most of his friend’s spent 40+ years working for NASA and none of them has seen any evidence either.

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Personally if these beings are technogically much more advanced and can transverse light years of space to get here just to crash I find it hard to believe. Hell we don’t crash planes with our inferior technology as much as these EBE’s do.


This guy is talking about crashed UFOs. I would think crashed objects would be seen and discovered if truly happening. I highly doubt his claims


Who knows. Watch the interview.


I believe it was Carl Sagan who once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”…

Until David Grusch is able to present extraordinary evidence to the Public, then he’s just another Bob Lazar.


Lying to Americans, and other people for that matter, is what the US government is doing all the time! I have so little faith in our government right now that I tend to believe the opposite of whatever it tells me! And you know what? I’m right all the time!

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I exercise my right to disbelieve.

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So because YOU have not personally seen one you call BS?

That tracks.

For me I believe there something to it. Just the recent media investigative update by NASA admitted there are some anomalies that cannot be explained after much scientific analysis.

I’m with firstandten here.

See the quote above from Carl Sagan.

I haven’t seen proof extraordinary enough to support this extraordinary claim.


Does life exist elsewhere? The numbers would say Yes. Are they in our neighborhood and sufficiently advanced to at least send out radio waves? So far, it all points to No.

Reviving UFO paranoia fits perfectly with the increased internet chatter about the government hiding secrets. Remember, UFOs became a big deal during the Red Scare of the 1950s.


There are different species that have been discovered in recent years that no one knew existed….no one had proof of them, and yet here they are.

I have no problem with people that do not believe they exist….but when it’s “ I haven’t personally seen them therefore they do not exist “….any scientist will tell you that is flawed thinking.

I think they are here and I think they are us. Maybe an us from another time.


Us from a different planet. If you knew there was a habitable planet and you wanted to inhabit it, how would you go there? Until you can warp time and space you would send frozen fertilized eggs with robots. The robots don’t care it takes 200 years to get there (or however long). Get there conceive the eggs and let the robots act as teachers and guides. Eventually the new humans take over.

If you did that you’d probably want to keep track on what is happening on earth 2 or 234. So you would send probes.

The us from a different planet would look similar but very different. Sunlight and gravity would change our looks.

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I don’t deny that life may exist elsewhere in the universe. Almost certainly it does. The universe is simply too big.

Same for intelligent life.

Do I believe that said intelligent life has actually visited the Earth at any point during recorded human history?


Given the light years worth of distances required for such travel, and the physical limitations of reaching the speed of light, any claim to that effect would be an EXTRAORDINARY one.

And such claims require, as Sagan said, EXTRAORDINARY proof.

Such proof has NOT surfaced.

Discovering new species occurs all the time.

Hell, many deep ocean species likely remain undiscovered, given how scantily explored that region is.

That’s NOT comparable to or in any way analogous to claims of extra-terrestrial and presumably interstellar visitors reaching Earth during recorded human history.

Not close. Bad argument.


This is a good sci fi book series that presents a thought-provoking exploration of the challenges and consequences of encountering an alien civilization, with a focus on humanity’s response, the inherent nature of advanced civilizations, and the vastness of the universe.

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Sounds interesting.

What do you make of these orbs?

God only knows what they might be.

But there is NO reason to think that they are either from another planet or solar system.