Ugly wins

A win is a win. But we should’ve killed Butler by 30+. Up 20 at half. And the 2nd half was just ugly basketball.

It was a physical game with alot of no calls, but I’m not in love with our half court sets.

We have enough scoring this year to NOT be playing in the 60s.

If we do finish with 60+ points, that’s bad offense. (Poor shooting, poor execution)

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Offense might have looked ugly for 10 minutes in the second half, but it’s hard to complain about shooting 51% from the field.


Of course it is unless one’s a clown who thinks he knows more than the coach


The line was 9.5, not sure where you get we should have killed butler by 30. So ill take an 18 pt win.


Uhh, they suck. They lost at home by 20pts to Michigan State

Man if you don’t get this nonsense out of here :joy: talking about an ugly win? We won by 18 in a game we were favored by 10. Lord coogs fans never fail to amaze me


Lmao how quickly we get spoiled as fans.


Like I posted above

Defense and rebounding. That is the brand. 60-40 is just as a legit win as 90-70.


Pearland 3


Would you rather we lost?

No need to go all out as there are still 2 games left. Need all the rest we can get

Look, I remember some of the disrespect Charles Barkley gave us vs Baylor in the Final Four.

He said we couldn’t shoot. Pissed me off.

So, defensively we’re great

Offensively, we’ll see. Work in progress

Off course we’re still a work in progress, its still November. This team has the most offensive potential of any of CKS’s teams. Come March we could be special.


After going up 17-0, the game was really never in doubt, Playing three games in three days, I’m happy to go to the bench a little earlier. Getting some valuable floor time for some players is never a bad thing.


Fanning ugly.


Thinking about it some more, this game displayed some of the best ball movement I’ve seen out of our teams in the past few years. Everyone is willing to share the ball. We had some beautiful passes (like the Edwards-Roberts feed, and the Roberts feed to Shead on the cut). The majority of that game, the offense looked pretty good, especially considering it’s November.

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35 minutes of dominant ball and no one got hurt. Not sure how anyone can complain about this one. Very happy for Fabian to get things going offensively. Such a weapon when he can get the outside shot going. No we just need Tramon to get his feet wet and one of our other bigs to finish some of these bunnies around the bucket. I was the only UH fan sitting in section 101 and everyone was complimentary of our team. The words I heard were, “you guys should be playing Gonzaga tomorrow night instead of UCLA”.

There is no doubt that we are restoring the brand of UH basketball and will be chosen for these showcase events every year.


Our guys lost some intensity at half which is understandable. Especially playing three straight days. You don’t want to shoot your wad early and lose your legs for tomorrow and Wednesday. And we played all 11 players available. Mark and Armbrester getting there first action of the year. Frankly I wish we could have played Sasser less than 32 minutes and Fabian like 31.


Sorry, but the 2nd half was ugly. We got stuck on 44 points for about 5 minutes. Yes, we played a lot of guys, which is good, as was the effort, and we intentionally ran off a bunch of time on just about every possession in the last 12 minutes. However, the second half was not our “best” ball.