Ugly wins

For all that think I’m being picky or stupid.

Yes, I do have high standards for this team. I think our team is Top 8 good. Great depth. Great athleticism.

The only thing that frustrates me a little is the half court offense. The pick and roll in the 2nd half, they guarded alot better. So it made things more difficult

I believe we will get better as well, but the OP makes a legitimate point.

Through seven minutes of the second half, we had scored five points. It didn’t hurt us today, but it will later as we play better competition.

All that said, we’re 4-0 and ranked #12. Hard to not be happy with that.


We have 3 games in 3 days. Remember that!!


Hofstra was an ugly win… This was a thing of beauty.


Funny coming from him if he could have shot better when he was with the, Rockets in Utah conference series and kept his big mouth shut in the locker room Rockets may have won 2 more championship against the Bulls

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Bigger picture, the refs weren’t calling anything as we were up 20. Hard to run an offense when you are getting mugged.

Moreover, basketball is a game of runs. Butler isn’t terrible. Even in their loss to Michigan St, they went on a 22-12 run over 12 minutes. So they went on a 14-4 run over 8 minutes against us. Who cares. The other 32 minutes, we won by 28 points.


butler is extremely good on defense… the fact that we were scoring so easily in the 1st hlaf was the anomaly… not the second-half struggles


I didn’t complain about our defense cause it’s always excellent.

Our offense, a lot of dribbling in the 2nd half. Not as much ball movement as the 1ST half.

With the weapons on this team, I’m sure these guys wanna play more up tempo so that:

*Sasser can put up 10+
*Edwards can put up 10+
*Mark can get his
*Fabian can get his 10+

And Taze, Carlton, Jwan and Shead can get there’s too

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Reminded me a lot of the Tech game last year. Besides the muggings, it’s difficult to keep that kind of intensity up for 40 minutes, especially when you won the game in the first half.


Imagine creating a thread to complain about an 18 point win. Which will be a Q2 win, most likely.


I did. I’m a basketball purist/assh*le :grin:

Also. We had Armbrester, Francis, and Elvin in for the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game. If coach just wanted to run up the score, we would have won by 30+.


Did Sasser even play the last 8 minutes of the game?

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This is a stupid a$$ thread. We started a 17-0 run and won by 18 and was a 10 point favorite. Some people always have something to complain about. SMH


Kelvin Sampson would agree with you…

But I think that win was excellent on both sides of the court!

Go Coogs!


Winning is not ugly. Winning is always outstanding.

It’s a long season. Lets cut the team some slack.

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Cut a 4-0 team some slack? Coming off a 20 point win against Virginia and an 18 point win against Butler? Why would we do that?

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There was nothing Ugly about this game. The game was over at HT. I knew the 2nd Half would slow down pt wise jyst like the UV gm, it’s College basketball…geez. We Basketball lovers must Protect the Basketball threads from turning into the Football side fiasco. :smiley::grin:

Edit: Butler is not Drexel.


The 1st half was great basketball. I loved it.

I’ll go watch it again. The 2nd half got a little sloppy. That’s all.

Like a great movie, with an okay 3rd act.

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