UH 2025 Recruiting

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Ain’t happenin’.

Why not?


Funny he has us as one of his 9, but we aren’t on the 24/7 list at all…Maybe something happened?

I’d guess the 247 lists are rarely fully accurate.

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He going to Texas I bet. They all want to go to Texas.

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Go Bulldogs!

Wtf yo talkin bout… He’s in our backyard!!! Coach Fritz is going to put a fence around Houston now that they’re in Big 12 and have a real coach.


I’d love to see him
Start landing some of these guys.


Going for the big bag, Texas or Georgia, book it!

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I hope so. We’ll see.

Damn. Just like that?

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There will likely be two chances to land him… getting to know him now … will increase our chances 2nd time around on the transfer.


Why not…we out NIL all.but 3 of those other Schools (UT, UG, USC)

When will these recruits learn that while signing with UT or A&M may impress your friends and peer group, they are always trying to recruit over you. Loyalty exists as long as you can benefit them. Sign with UH and make your position your home for 4 years.


It’s no longer a star based assessment. It’s a NIL pyramid level.


I’m not saying you’re wrong but I’m going to need you to show your work here. Because I’m pretty sure we’re out NIL’d by more than 3. The only one I feel really confident in being ahead of is GT, maybe NU because in my head I can hear them saying, “That’s not the Cornhusker way”

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Listen to Sports 365…Mack Rhodes talks about how far behind Baylor is in the NIL world all the time.

UH actually has all the elements to be a top 10% NIL school nationally.

Big public school in a rich state with tons of marketing opportunities.

Does Nebraska have any of those advantages?



Ok so what we have some wish casting going on. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a message board after all. I mean Mack complains about being behind in NIL in comparison to whom is the big question. I doubt it’s us as things currently stand.

Does Nebraska have all those things you mentioned? No, but do you know what all those schools have that we don’t? People who will just shell out money when asked to shell out money and let the legal eagles figure out how to make it work.

That’s why i said, of that list, we are only behind UT, UG & USC on that list.

If those schools find a player they like better, he will sign with UH over those other spots behind us.

The NIL environment is the BEST thing to happen to UH. This isn’t your father’s UH anymore!

We can easily build a top 10% type of program IF we can get organized and aligned!

We have advantages over 90% of college football