UH Baseball 2023 Season


We shall see. :eyes:.
Maybe when least is expected Whitting’s Team will over-achieve





They should hit……but can they pitch?

And will it even matter with the 14U schedule?


They bringing in some Karl Young League Pitchers. Ooops dating myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smile:

Edit: Lord willing I plan on getting out there for couple gms this year. Last yr I went to Zero… not good.

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Karl Young? Jeez……might as well throw in “Pony League”……


Hehe. Nah step up from Pony League. :stuck_out_tongue:. Been long time but I know I was in H.S. when I played in Karl Young for couple Summers. Only us old timers remember. Its not around anymore is it? Was very popular in the 70s n into 80s.

What do they call it now for H.S. kids to stay active during Summer.

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Baseball does not start B12 play in 2023?


Always start in Fall Season when doing Realignment. So Football in Sept 2023. But technically Volleyball & Soccer will kick off BIG12 for the Coogs in Aug 2023.
Official on July 1 2023. Or could be June 30th so I don’t get called out! :upside_down_face:

Edit: thank heavens Baseball doesn’t start BIG12 in 2023. :grimacing::hot_face:.
BIG12 Baseball is stout. Whitting going to have to step up just like Holgy has to


It’s different levels of select ball for kids 14U and then high school kids play “Showcase” ball……different levels there as well.

A few leagues but 99% is all tournaments.

Hoping for the best for our Coogs but just not convinced we have the pitching to get us very far in tourney play


Got it. Yea even all my nephews are in their 40s now or 1 is 50-51, so I stopped tracking that quite awhile ago. But I have heard of “Showcase Baseball” .

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The downside is it is very expensive and the average family honestly can’t afford it….at least top level teams and coaching.

Once you make it to the collegiate level you’re all good, but the climb and competition is fierce.

$300-400 gloves and bats even more expensive……monthly payment for teams, tournament fees…most kids now days need lessons of some sort….it prices many kids out of the opportunity to play….sucks


Finishing 2nd in the regular season and tourney should get us back in the NCAAs.

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How do you figure?

The AAC is usually not a one bid League.

Law, place and conference tourney spot really don’t mean anything……especially in a year like this.

The team’s schedule is horrible….It could turn out worse than last year.

Last year they won 37 games and were runner up in conference tournament and were not even close to making NCAA……

They will need to win at least 40 , with a few of them against whatever their toughest mid-week games are and beat ECU multiple times……to even be on the bubble.

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Last year was the 1st time.
2014: Houston, Louisville.
2015: East Carolina, Houston, South Florida, Tulane.
2016: East Carolina, Tulane, UConn.
2017: Houston, South Florida, UCF.
2018: East Carolina, Houston, South Florida, UConn.
2019: Cinn, East Carolina, UConn.
2021: East Carolina, South Florida.
2022: East Carolina.

AD “Put it on the Tee” for HC Whit again. He needs to win 80% + OOC and dominate the bad AAC teams to have any shot.

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I will be shocked if we finish second in conference, just don’t see it