UH Baseball 2023 Season

bunn was going to solve this

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who was it that said, “there comes a point where you feel guilty cashing a paycheck”?

this is literally that place. bunn should excuse himself and I don’t mean to the porta potty


Don’t pitchers often trade off speed for accuracy? Do we have a fair amount of strikeouts? Obviously not enough but wonder if we have more Ks than an average team.

Good pitchers don’t trade velo for accuracy……sure a pitcher might reach back for more to try and strikeout a guy or even for a better hitter.

But most of the time pitchers should be settled in at the average velo the work At normally……

And no, we are not some team of big strikeout guys….they have 131 IP and 120 K’s….they also have walked 86 and hit another 25….a good walk to strikeout ratio is 4 or 5 to one….we are damn near 1/1…


What’s the ultimate condemnation of our team/program is that apparently it’s a good day when we don’t get run-ruled.



I didn’t mean pitchers trade off accuracy for velocity but we might do that in recruiting. A friends kid was D3 pitcher in low eighties but had good placement. Got rocked at times especially second go around.

With nearly 1:1 ratio of walks/HBP to Ks we apparently just struggled to put together a strong staff.

They definitely chase velo in recruiting. They’ll occasionally take a control guy with lower velo, but only if he’s a big dude they think can throw harder or someone who has “connections.”

We have guys who can pitch. We haven’t seen development, though.

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I had a kid about 5-6 years ago that was recruited and signed with UH.
Trying to remember but I think it was after his sophomore year UH came at him hard….big , strong kid threw low 90’s that summer….Huge control issues….many a coach worked with him….but he would just throw as hard as he could.
He was up to 95 senior year but only threw something like 15-16 innings because he couldn’t throw strikes.
I remember being shocked that UH signed him but figured they could “fix” the control issues….redshirted, never threw a pitch for UH….had a couple more stops with little success……

But your point of chasing velo is very much true……, but with no Anderson, no chance.


And then you throw in the wild pitches … some downright Nuke LaLooshish. A comedy act, and OU is thinking about how close they came to losing game 3 to that comedy act.

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Other than ECU and UCF its rough.

Good baseball but nothing that UH cant hang w after a shift change in 23.

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All about making a good hire….if it’s not SA it should be coach from Texas St. , UTSA, maybe San Jac……somebody that can coach, develop, and recruit like a beast because he has respect among the coaching community.


I am pretty much completely apathetic with baseball. I used to attend at least 2 games per series have not made one this year. This should have been addressed a few years ago.


I had season tickets and would catch 2-4 games a week but have dropped my season tickets and haven’t been to a game since ‘19. I even have ESPN+ and still don’t watch the games. To think think that I’ve got to this point is incredible to me.



I live in SA and had season tix.

Drove in at least two weekends a month for a really long time….

I dropped tix because of Covid , not the play….but I have not bothered to renew them since….not driving in for what we’ve seen the last three seasons.

After this year I’ll re-up as long as a change is made.

I’ve had basketball since Sampson’s second year……I don’t make the mid-week games but I know my nephew or cousin gladly go to game.

With baseball, not so much.


Same here. Used to have season tickets and would make at least one game of a weekend series. Have not bought season tickets for a few years now. Have ESPN+ primarily to watch games I could not attend. Watched maybe three innings of the UTRG series and none since.