UH Baseball 2023 Season

Gotta prove it.

Even “Grand Canyon” is rated higher.

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It’s not like we have a bunch of quality players in our backyard like Grand Canyon does.


They sucked him in quick to that toxic playground… :rofl:

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#4 TX AM, # 11 ECU.
OK unranked now. Hopefully back in the Top 25 for UH series March 10th-12th.

Idk why but I went from 1 to 2 season tickets. I figured if I had an extra I could give 2 away easier or get someone to go with me easier.

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Anyone know when fan day is? I need to buy some more game-worn team gear, and I’m hoping I can take my 7 year old nephew since its usually around his birthday.



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Will they know who’s on the team by then?


I heard recently a 13 year old pitcher out of Angleton recently committed to LSU.
Man I thought the lefty freshman at Ridge Point was young when he said yes to Texas.
By the way Angleton kid is already throwing high 80s entering Angleton High.
The rich get richer although either could go pro.
Wish the Coogs had such problems

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Commitments that early are silly.

I had a couple of guys that committed the summer before their sophomore year.

One kid was SEC school and the other was Big 12.

They both wound up at Southland schools….nothing to do with talent….the Southland schools swooped in senior year and these kids got financial packets that would pay for almost 100% of their school.

The two bigger schools could not put together anything close.

Baseball is such a different animal with the scholarship limits……


Yep. I used to get a good laugh about those.

“Did you hear that _______ just committed to OU?”

“He’s a freshman splitting time on JV.”

“That’s just because the coach is stupid.”

“OK, chief.” :laughing:


Couldn’t agree more. Don’t really follow anyone other than the Coogs, but I have seen so many recruits who committed early with UH never make it to campus.
The disappointing thing to me is there no buzz around
I can remember the days we recruited top notch pitchers like Drabek Lincoln, Sullivan and so many others.
Like I said before we haven’t recruited a highly ranked hurler since Romero, and he, in my opinion was Todd’s biggest downfall. He let Seth hang around way too long

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Sullivan, Pruitt, Wagner——just a few more off the top of my head.

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That’s crazy… No wonder so many go straight into the draft or leave early to the draft…

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Do they still sell game-worn gear during Fan Appreciation? When was the last time this event was held?