UH Baseball Schd & Season-- 2024

#99 in RPI. If we win one of three this weekend, we should stay in double digits.


No way am I going to continue going to the trouble of driving over there, paying to park, and hobbling across Cullen if CTW is back,

San Jac is practically in my backyard and those games are more entertaining. I’ll save some $ and they will live without my $100ish pick-your-games ticket package.

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My nephew will be playing for San Jac next year. At least I hope he’ll be playing.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game vs OSU. I assume Cade Citelli is going for UH. Probably some ace for them.

Exactly, he is an embarrasment to the program now!

I have heard that there are a number of players who have been told to enter the portal. I dont know if that is the coaches grasping for straws or if he is actually coming back. I can’t imagine this place being more dead but it certainly will be if he comes back!

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LaCalameto, Jean, and Solis. Dont ask me, I’m just the messenger!

Like it was yesterday I can remember staying up until midnight for the 2nd game of a double header with Texas A&M to start in the Houston regional.

Always felt like that double header hurt the coogs.

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Picture from 2017…

Ah…the memories.


Now that is a cougar crowd!

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I have certainly never seen a crowd like that. I am sure it was a fun time.

Regionals were all like that but we had some regular season series that were completely full, berms included……

I know some of you were at the home LSU series….early 2000’s?

I remember being on the 3rd base side and several fans were engaged in good natured heckling with Wally Pontiff….he was a good sport and gave it right back.

For those of you not familiar with Wally he was a really good player for LSU, played 3rd base.
He had been drafted and was playing ball in the Cape.
Apparently he left a little early and went back to his folks house in Louisiana.
Soon after he had a heart attack in his sleep and passed away….incredibly sad.


I remember that kid. Very sad story!

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A high school friend of mine played volleyball at LSU and was dating Pontiff at the time of his death. Very sad.

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Was Pez here then? Has he even seen a crowd like that at Cougar field?

Some good pitching with eligibility left.
MLB Draft or NIL somewhere else seems likely.

For the guys who don’t stink this had to be a rough season.

Wally Pontiff Classic at old Astros AAA Zephyrs stadium in Metarie, La.
LSU vs a LA team. That was a party game.
From his passing till @ 2019. Babycakes moved to Wichita.
Shrine on Airline became a rugby stadium called Gold Mine on Airline.

Still a Wally Pontiff Playground in Metarie, LA & name on baseball field at Jesuit Uptown.


Lose 20-3, 14 walks.
No NCAA appearance since 2018.

It’s all unacceptable.


3- 20 ???
It’s a baseball disgrace.

Hopefully come back angry not Bad New Bearsy.
Win & they finish .500.

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NCAA tournament!?

Couldn’t even make the CONFERENCE tournament!


Eliminated before the last weekend w 10 teams in Big 12 Tourney.
8 teams like before and they would be done 2 weeks ago +.

This team stunk in a lot of ways.

What did the new “pitching lab” and staff do exactly ?
The pitching was awful outside of @ 10 games.



Cancelled games keep them from last.




This is the first time since we’ve started playing on ESPN+ I didn’t watch a complete game.

UH Baseball today is like UH Basketball was in the mid and upper 90’s.