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My God, Holgi is a complete disaster. Two straight losing seasons, and recruiting is ranked 92nd in the country. Powerhouse teams with better recruiting classes than UH:

RICE (freaking Rice!!!)
Western Michigan
Central Michigan
East Carolina
New Mexico
North Texas

With all the hate and vitriol for Applewhite (WHO HAD TWO WINNING SEASONS IN HIS FIRST YEARS AS A HEAD COACH), how does everyone let this horrendous, awful disaster of a head coach get a pass! We suck, and the future is crap.


He will be here at least two more years, Book it


Yeah we kind of have to with that buy out and the fact that we keep getting new coaches. I’m willing to stick with him and see if he can get it turned around.


Make sure the rope is longer than the distance from the top of your work bench to the floor !!


Dude just wanted that last big contract so that he could mail it in. It’s obvious.


uta sympathizers criticizing Coog recruiting rankings. 2020 is still full of surprises. :joy::joy::joy:


Hey All I want and care about if these kids exceed their expectations! Play with Heart, play with grit, play to win, and with no fear. Work hard on every down. If they buy in, we will be fine. You see it all the time. Coastal Carolina isn’t full of 5 stars, but look at how they play.


I am thrilled we got the Kopp kid


Half of the complainers don’t understand that these recruiting rankings are about total points. So a class with 20 recruits is going to sit ahead a class with 13. Even Sellers pointed that out. It’s a flawed way of looking at recruiting and it’s funny the same people STILL don’t get it! :joy::joy::joy:

Then you have other questions to ask like who’s recruiting and evaluating, but the subscription crowd won’t have any of that either.


Huh ??

You should play on defensive line for Coogs. Every time something gets posted abt the weak recruiting so far w Holgi and staff, you come with your full bull rush!! :laughing: Sometimes It Is What It Is…and it Isn’t Pretty by any stretch of the imagination at this point w Coog Football.


All I can say is he’s not getting anyone that makes me stand up. Still seated!

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most ridiculous post of the day. congrats…


I still have no problem with the plan at all and Sellers will tell you he’s not much sold on how 247 or any other rating services rate JUCOs. So while JUCOs are “rated”, there isn’t much stock put into the ratings by anyone involved because they don’t cover and rate JUCOs with the same effort and emphasis they do high school.

I don’t give a crap who’s Plan this is but I’m good with it:

  1. Make no reaches in the early signing period
  2. Reset for the next signing period - there will be new opportunities to get top talent that were not there for the early signing period
  3. UH stands to get transfers, many with 3 years left that want to come home.
  4. Add key JUCOs as needed

We had to scrap to fill large holes at key positions that Herman and Applewhite left for Dana. Dana and his staff did a pretty good job but there was no way it was going to be perfect.

The biggest key to me is to not reach to fill a class just to fill a class. Applewhite did that in a number of cases. That’s bad recruiting. Patience here is needed. The transfer portal is our friend.

S Mark Wilson Clear Lake (Houston, TX)
6-0 / 170 3* 0.8734
Offers: Arkansas, Baylor, Kansas, SMU, Vanderbilt, Yale

QB-Pro Maddox Kopp St. Thomas (Houston, TX)
6-5 / 210 3* 0.8633
Offers: Ole Miss, Tulane, Colorado, Cornell

WR Carlton Guidry Shadow Creek (Pearland, TX)
5-10 / 160 3* 0.8531
Offers: Arizona, Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Tulane, Kansas, ECU

OG Carson Walker Heritage (Midlothian, TX)
6-4 / 285 3* 0.8464
Offers: Kansas, Memphis, Tulsa, Boise State, Army

CB Jalen Emery Shadow Creek (Pearland, TX)
5-11 / 168 3* 0.8397.
Offers: Duke, Wake Forest, Boise State, UNT, Texas State

S Antonio Brooks Kilgore J.C. (Kilgore, TX)
5-10 / 200 3* 0.8346
Offers: Arizona, Baylor

DT Brian Merritt Mississippi Gulf Coast C.C. (Perkinston, MS)
6-0 / 290 3* 0.8303
Offers: Liberty, USM, UTSA

OT Almarion Crim Minor (Adamsville, AL)
6-3 / 285 3* 0.8234
Offers: Duke, Louisville, Va Tech, Ga Tech, Air Force, Army, Tulsa, USF,

WDE Rafal Szymanski New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell, NM)
6-4 / 230 3* 0.8106
Offers: Ark State, Ball State, FAU, NM State


Hi Brad,

I agree with EVERYTHING you said on your initial post.

I’ll be honest, I was so excited when I heard CDH was going to be our coach. It took me just three months into the 2019 season to realize he’s not what I hoped for and I posted my first negative commets in early November. I haven’t seen a positive thing come out of his coaching since he was hired.

I understand the vast majority of people on the UH forums keep blaming Major Applewhite for a lot of our problems but I’m not buying it. Holgorsen has had two full recruiting cycles and results are trending down.

It’s depressing in the extreme to read all of these posts and I’m really disappointed we find our football program in this state. But, I’m a steadfast supporter of our University of Houston.



Honest and to the point post.

If not a little short sighted . . . . .

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Tell me how long the rebuild is supposed to take, so far I’m not seeing how Dana leaves us in a better state than when he took over.


Ignoring these apparent sugar coating and excuses ( transfers ranking this or that) , this could possibly our worst recruiting ranking in over 15 years. If that’s the case then it falls in line with our win-loss record. Houston football is in its worse shape since Dana Dimel.

Scapegoating Applewhite for this is getting old, the guy had winning seasons in his tenure here.


I wonder if better O line pass blocking, deeper O line depth, deeper and more effective D line, deeper secondary and really good (potentially) QB recruiting . . . . . Other than covering these bases that LTH and NP MA ignored, or failed to recruit, I don’t see anything either . . . . .


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