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LTH took our best recruits with him to UT when he left. One of those being Sam Cosmi, an OT who is about to go top 20 in the NFL draft. I blame LTH more for that than Applewhite.


Fake news? I saw a post in another board ( CSNbbs) that one of our leading WR, RB and offensive linemen may be transferring. Any truth to this…

After watching (in person) the Army debacle, I am sure the downward spiral would begin quickly the next season with Applewhite.


Why don’t we wait until February before hitting the panic button?


To explain the mess Herm and Apple left, I posted this sometime back:

When you hear Tom Herman left the cupboard bare on defense, this may be why:

Tom was named UH’s new coach 12/16/2014 and had a hand in the 2015, 2106 and 2017 recruiting classes until Major Applewhite was named Head Coach 12/9/2016

You are allowed a class of 25 each year.

The 2015 Class - 8 recruits on the defensive side of the ball

3 three star recruits and 5 two star recruits (one two star, Tony Levine’s, plays in the NFL)

Before Tom was named HC, Tony Levine had five recruits on the defensive side that Tom was able to hold on to.

Leroy Godfrey, Tyrell Thompson, Camden Ross, Da’Cuan Jenkins, Emeke Egbule

Tom and staff brought in Darius Gilbert, Mike Eke and Jordan Milburn.

Tyrell Thompson ended up playing for UTSA & Tarleton State. Camden graduated in Jan 2019 never recording a stat for UH, Jenkins redshirted and then was injured in 2016. I don’t think he played since then. Mike Eke made one tackle and left the team. Tony’s recruit, Emeke now plays for the LA Chargers in the NFL.

Godfrey, Gilbert & Milburn are still with the team. None are currently on the two-deep.

The 2016 Class - 9 recruits on the defensive side of the ball

One 5 star recruit, 7 three stars and 1 two star

Tony and Ed Oliver’s dad should get 99% of the credit for Tom landing Ed Oliver since Daddy Oliver told Ed that he isn’t playing anywhere that isn’t with his brother who Tony recruited.

One player redshirted - Patrick Rosette but then he wasn’t on the 2017 roster

Hasuaun Glasgow, never enrolled at UH and JJ Dallas never made it to the Fall Semester, leaving the team in August 2016.

Collin Wilder played primarily special teams as a true Freshman, got hurt his sophomore year and then later transferred to Wisconsin where he is now on their two deep and has started one game.

Ed is now in the NFL, playing for the Buffalo Bills. Terrell Williams was an NFL UDFA who was invited to the 49ers camp and got hurt. I read that they put him on their IR.

Javian Smith burned his freshman year on special teams. Was hurt in all of 2017, played in 9 games in 2018 and is now hurt again for all of 2019.

Ka’Darian Smith and Aymiel Fleming are on the two deep with one of them starting.

The 2017 class

Applewhite’s first class, but three committed while Tom was still HC. Derek Parish, Alex Duke and Elijah Gooden.

Parish and Duke red-shirted. Gooden has played in 17,18 and this season too but has had a season ending injury.

Parish is on the two deep as the DE2 this week but he might be playing out of position as a DE. IMO, he is really more of a 3-4 ILB but I’m not a coach

20 total recruits on the defensive side for Tom. Most should be 4th or 5th year seniors.

3 were on this week’s Two Deep - one starter

Applewhite Inherits a Mess That Turns Into a Bigger Mess

With rumors swirling around that Tom Herman was leaving, UH had 16 decommits from the 2017 recruiting class - 9 on defense

Marqez Bimage - DE - DE2 @ UT-Austin

Chidi Ogbonnaya - DE - DE2 @ Baylor

Mohamed Sanogo - LB - started all 12 games in 2018 at LB @ Ole Miss - started 2019 as a starter but is injured and is out for the year

Terrel Bernard - LB - starting WLB @ Baylor

Javelin Guidry - CB - starting Nickel Back @ Utah

Timarcus Davis - CB - CB2 @ AZ State

Terry Petry - CB - Blinn - CB2 @ Blinn

Adam Beck - CB - started two games this season @ Tx Tech

Donovan Stiner - S - starting Safety @ Florida

Tom was named UT-Austin’s coach 11/27/16. 8 of the 9 de-commits happened after he was named.

Applewhite had to work fast to refill the class. One of the glaring issues that he faced was that UH lost 5 DB/S to decommitment. Applewhite refilled with one DB who was actually signed as a LB.

Secondary is where UH has had the biggest issues. Major was quoted as saying something to the effect that he disagreed with signing a certain amount at every position to create a balance. He believed that if it was a strong year for certain positions you took more that position that year. That has come back to bite UH now in the secondary.

Major did try to reverse the lack of balance in recruiting offense vs defense and problems Tom created. Major added 12 in each of his classes on the defensive side if you include transfers.

The problem being that he could not red-shirt due to what Tom left him, thus creating the lack of red-shirts that Dana has referenced.

Since Jan 2 of this year, Dana has added 16 to the defensive side of the ball to try and fix this problem. 12 of which are either redshirting, sitting out due to transfer rules or have a red shirt available.


Here you go, confusing the Nancy’s with facts and reason . . . . .


This year, we had 1 Herman recruit on the two deep on defense (We had 6 on offense)

Herm screwed us. Applewhite couldn’t fix the problem. Holgorsen had to scramble and make do with what he could get to try and patch.

It is easy to not pay attention or not understand what happened and complain on a message board


We need another K or W quarterback in order to start winning again.

Come in from the ledge. This is a safe space and you are among friends.


No, we need depth on the OL and specifically some OTs.

We can’t run a screen to save our lives because we don’t have the type of athletes we need on the offensive line.


Holgorson isn’t going to fix a three-year-old problem with the 92nd ranked recruiting class. Sometimes it’s like people on this site are unwilling or unable to see the truth. THIS PROGRAM IS MOVING BACKWARD.


A positive interlude: New Guiness Commercial featuring Joe Montana and ND vs. UH


OK…go ahead and shorten the rope !


Lighten up…


A total rebuild like we have takes 3 normal years to start showing what the casual fan sees as improvement and 5 years to blossom. I have seen improvement in technique, s&t, and attitude. We are on the right track and I am glad to see CDH not sell out just to get number but actually try to sign kids that cover offence and defense. In this day and age of instant gratification rebuilding a football team is almost impossible


Well Jess you’re gonna have to do more than look at a highlight reel to see anything worth getting out of your seat. Then you will have to be able to coach at a D1 level with experience to know for sure. #noteverybodygetspaidthebigbucks :joy:


I hear ya but Ward had a worse line than Tune and still did well.

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Holding my Holgy comments until the end of next year.


Lot of smoke screen in your posts. Use diff emoji every once in a while. Will sit n wait for Holgy to do better. Remember keep in mind what one of the Admin had to say…it’s ok to have different opinions. You have your Holgorsen believers n your non Holgy believers!

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Almost every year UT, A$M, or both, finish in the Top 20, and sometimes The Top 10 in recruiting.

A$M has not won a Conference Title in 22 years.

UT has no Titles in 11 years. Herman has Top 10 recruiting classes and is 0 in 4 years.

UH has 4 conference titles in the past 37 seasons. Not exactly a powerhouse program. And not in a Power Conference for 25 years.

Try recruiting with our actual record. With the facts.

It took Coach Yeoman 5 seasons to have a real top team. Not overnight.

I,too, think we have low numbers so far. We still have Feb. and the transfer market.

What I want is what Yeoman did. Finally get good then stay good.


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