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The recruiting class isn’t filled yet. CDH has a strategy to balance the classes and build depth; he isn’t just taking guys to fill numbers. I think it would be better to wait until he fills his class with HS, juco, and transfers and then determine how well things went. You won’t be able to truly evaluate this class for 2 or 3 more years.

However, there are some people who only see what they want to see, and disregard all else.


Helen Keller could see the improvement between 2019 and 2020. HC’s are like merchs to me,they’re pros paid a lot of money to do the job. CDH inherited a mess…I do find it laughable that some think the dude can’t coach…he went 61-41 at P5 WV but can’t coach…lmao. I expect more improvement next year. If he doesn’t get it done …well as Bum said “there’s 2 kinds of coaches…them thats been fired and them thats gonna be fired”


Make 6 years in a row we lose to Memphis next year. No way UH should be 10 or 9 in recruiting in the AAC.

She has passed. She can’t see anything but the heavens! :upside_down_face:

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I am a believer. We all have our opinions. Just remember everytime i defend CDH, you become contrary so your "different opinion " post is also applicable to you too. New emoji below:


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Very proud of new emoji!! :triumph:

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You got it Red! There’s a reason why most leaders on this team and other college football teams are upperclassmen. Also why CDH wanted to redshirt players but as you say, the usual suspects will remain shortsighted. No matter what…go Coogs!


I think you sent the wrong emogi…but it was close :sunglasses:.

I think thats a bit of a stretch…Are we going 0-12?

I think it’s past your bedtime.

Rankings definitely are related to the size of the class and jucos are never really accounted for. I think average score per recruit is more indicative if the talent your getting. That being said dana is going to ha e to show a bit more success these next couple years.


Lol I see what you’re getting at but Jess and I are cool. I wouldn’t disrespect. I reserve the emoji you’re referencing, exclusively for horn sympathizers.


I don’t think anyone is complaining about the quality of the individual recruit, it is the amount of recruits that is concerning. We will see how we end up in Feb before I pass final judgement.


As long as needs are filled, total numbers in a single cycle are obsolete. You cant mathematically sign 30 a year. Especially while redshirting and a gimmie year due to the virus. As always, are roster needs being met?

Meanwhile, some jag coach is recruiting 5 highly rated WRs and neglected his position hole at OL. *cough Herman *cough

Numbers and stars do NOT tell the whole story of recruiting. Needs and evals do. Imagine being Miami and you’re an OL cycle away from completing. Position negligence is real.


In his old age , I worry when it comes time to meet his maker which way he’s going. I’m going to come back at him when he tries to make his comments. Admin doesn’t do anythg abt his constant attacks on some of us so I’ll play too.

Well lucky for you, we have along way to go to get there. We only signed 9 and that doesn’t fill our needs.

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Awwwww !!

The recruiting class isn’t even halfway finished yet. This may be the dumbest thread ever made.
Delete post, ban user.


Go look at what the top 4 recruiting ranked teams in our conference signed this week as far as number of players and per player rating. Oh, and they just happen to be four of the top five in the conference standings as well. We are falling behind.

I get that people are in denial, they are trying to make excuses for what is happening, but the reality is there for anyone to see. Our poor on-field performances are now translating to our ability to recruit. I wouldn’t put the nail in the coffin yet, but unless Dimelson can pull a rabbit out of his hat in February, this will go down as one of our sparsest recruiting classes in the last decade.

I don’t know about that; we’ve had some reeeaaalllyyy dumb threads.


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