UH Football Recruiting

I agree. We just need UH to confirm it. They are waiting on something before officially saying it.

We just got a Grad Transfer from OU, David Ugwoegbu, going to be DE, former 4* from Seven Lakes


That’s not strange. We got Mack and UH didn’t post it on their offices sites.


I mean we have photos of him at strength and conditioning on campus in team issued nike gear… it doesn’t get more confirmed than that. also the UCF 247 staff guy confirmed that he decommited from UCF and is at Houston now.




Jacoby Davis committed to Kansas.


Nickel back. UH be alright!

How about his teammate ?

Still a free agent.

He waited WAYYYYYYY too long. Idk the whole story and maybe he really wanted to go to Kansas. But tbh it looks like he waited too long and people moved on from him. Looking at his offer list idk why he would pick Kansas

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Dana and co killin it in recruiting


Still need some big nasties up front.

An OLineman.

Why don’t we ask the obvious question?

Is this our best class since Yeoman?


Every time I read the OP I die laughing. Could someone be anymore wrong? What say you now OP?

To be fair a lot has happened between December '20 and now.


I wonder what happened to TOS, it has been down since yesterday during the storm. I hope nothing happened that got anybody hurt. I need Rob’s recruiting information.

you might try a different device? It hasn’t been down for me. there has been plenty of conversation

Kansas is doing very well and is recruiting the Houston area hard.
My son met the KU head coach at Ridge Point where he signed a really good DB and is recruiting several other players, including the sophomore quarterback who has a chance to be special.

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That is unfortunate… would have like to see him in the red and white!

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yes, but it is those with vision that knew a lot would happen in the next few years. Those with little faith , well, they had no faith.