UH vs Memphis

I know we’re all disappointed in the results this season but that being said, Saturday November 16th let’s show up and give our boys a real home field advantage! They ain’t quit on the season and neither should we. So tell all your friends and family and get people out to the game on November 16th!
That’s all
Go Coogs!! Beat Memphis


I leave for Tampa on the 11th and return on the 16th. I have scheduled my return flight to arrive in Houston by 8am so that I can make an 11am game in needed.


Wife wanted to go on an extended weekend getaway for my birthday. I said let me check the schedule. “Oh, no no no no honey. Memphis is in town that weekend.”


I will certainly not let my season tickets go to waste. Go Coogs!


I’m hoping for like a 2:30 game or later cause I’ve got a commitment until 1:30 but I can be at the stadium by 2:30 or a little after!


That’s homecoming week. I would hope we as fans, students, supporters showed up.


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There is always something to play for. Pride. I’ll be there.


I too will be there to support the guys toward a big win!


We’re in luck. 230 pm or 6 pm. 6-day option so will know next Monday I guess.

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I’ll just put it this way, I go to UH home games – period! This is a UH home game therefore I will be there, just like I have been for the last 36 years. Sadly in 1983, I had to miss a few games because I was on an assignment on the North Slope of Alaska or that would have been since 1976.


The fan base needs more Coogs like you Mike. Thank you for your sacrifice in the Armed Forces and unwavering loyalty to UH. Unfortunately I’m an OOT Coog, and don’t make many home games. I usually make 3 to 4 a year, with the occasional @SMU or this year @UNT. I plan to be better now that I have more free time on the weekends.

Go Coogs!

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I’ll be there.

I missed the 1976 Miami game, but haven’t missed one since. I should have quit that job.


Has another 3-6 team ever gotten a 6 day hold?? Shows the networks respect us.

Ok win the bye week and they’ll give us the 6pm kickoff.

So it appears that the networks are just making sure that Cincy does not choke against UConn. Because Memphis and us have a bye and USF against Temple probably doesn’t change much. They will want Cincy-USF at 2:30 unless Cincy falls out of the top 25, then Memphis-Houston gets it.

Thanks for documenting the match ups. I was curious why the 6-day hold for this game but didn’t have the time to check it out.

I will be there and will be yelling as loud as ever (at least when we are on defense)! I love watching this team - they play hard until the last whistle!

Does this have anything to do with the fact that there’s a 8:00 basketball game the night before? Or is this strictly tv?

Out of towners that make 3 or more games a year are true fans and to be commended!

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