Ultimate enemy

Threads keep pooping up, yes pooping up on coogfans about our ultimate enemy. It shows to a lot of us that many on coogfans do not know UH past and current history. For the ones that do not know our own history I am calling you out on your laziness to even pick up a book or spend two minutes on the internet.
You are sympathizing with a corrupt public university that wants to eliminate UH any which way they can.
By buying the Houston land their goal was and is clearly to take away our Houston research Dollars market share. The same market share that we fought tooth and nails to build year after year despite every attempt by our ultimate enemy to eliminate us.
Make no mistakes friends research Dollars are highly coveted and they want our money. They never accepted that we could even start a four year University. They never accepted that we could compete academically or on the field. You think otherwise? They have not sold the Houston land that they assured all politicians that they would. Sell at a loss? How many $Billions do they have? What kind of a difference does this make to them? It does not even register in their public bathroom budget.
It is very simple for me to think otherwise toward them. Do the following:
Open the PUF to us and sell the Houston land.
We often read that our football/sports program stinks, no attendance and the TDECU food is garbage. The same ones that love to flirt with our ultimate enemy even know that we are extremely fortunate to even have a sports program? Do any of these so called UH fans know that without Fertitta and Khator we have no TDECU stadium and none of the new UH educational buildings?
You bet I see the utau pimp as UH ultimate enemy. They made it that way no the other way around.


The University of Texas doesn’t care a tenth as much about UH as you have convinced yourself they do. Yes, we were once rivals, and, yes, they screwed us around some back in the day. That was nearly a half-century ago. Move on.


You keep writing the same message. Is that so? Are you right? You think they could care less?

Then open up the PUF.

Why aren’t they willing to open up the PUF?
Why haven’t they sold the Houston land?

You know the answer.




Live in Dallas area, UTD is small but good asset to the Richardson/Plano area. No real sports. Even if they would build UTH, why do u even think it would be a problem for UH? Academics or sports or both?

Think everyone is a little touchy for no reason. I don’t like UT arrogance either but a local school affiliate like UTD/UTH shouldn’t harm UH in any way.

The utau maggots is a much better find than the utau pimp. That should please sukie.


Same questions and waiting for the answers.

Why aren’t they willing to open up the PUF?
Why haven’t they sold the Houston land?


While I don’t normally agree with Chris on some things , academically the UT System is a threat to our funding thru the state and federal research
dollars. Since they have a huge PUF asset to seed
research, it’s difficult to compete with them , and emerge as an AAU institution. I’m all for competition, but the playing field needs to be level.


It wouldn’t affect sports other than in a derivative way, but the issue is UH would be competing with UT-Houston for faculty and research grants and to a lesser extent, students.

You can argue that UT-Houston would be a plus for the city on the whole (and argue that it wouldn’t as well by cannibalizing UH, when building up UH would be better overall), but there’s no real doubt it would be negative for UH. It’s just matter of degree.


You are 100% completely wrong. They hate us and want to see our demise. And the history is much much much more recent than you think. The sooner we recognize and accept their hatred of us the better off we will be.


If you use it a little more sparingly, maybe once a month or so, then it should be ok.

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I’m more surprised at how many closet A&M fans are on this board, based on last night.


I’m not sure it’s hate, but more like we are merely irrelevant to UT and their plans. They don’t care about us academically or intentionally scheme to undermine us. Speaking academically here. They don’t see us.

But this is the effect of having a state that may have the most convoluted setup of a higher education system in the country. It’s very weird system where
there is political+school nepotism. It’s amazing we have gotten as far as we have both academically and athletically with all the built in state of texas barriers.


Bexause the PUF is in the Texas constitution and the state legislature needs to vote in new institutions.

Right, but it’s doubtful the architects of the state constitution and subsequent amendments had the
vision of a state with nearly 30 million residents and so many state supported systems. It’s out of date.


Original poster is right UT wanted to destroy this institution if they could…better yet try to hamstring it. Look at nature for your answers it’s very difficult for a sapling to grow in the shade of 2 mighty oak trees. UT/TAMU. TAMU much less so, than UT…


I’m concerned about Coogfans that want us to emulate the Aggies, gross


You are right and RGVCoog omits the most important fact of the PUF. It was quickly modified to “only” benefit the utmaggots. atm had to SUE for equal share of the PUF. Only after momentous negotiations did the utmaggots relinquish 30% of the PUF to atm.
At any given time the PUF can be modified to benefit UH and other public Universities. To do so a vote has to take place.
Who do you think is stopping this vote at all costs?
How would the representative constituents would feel if they knew that their representative voted against this PUF expansion?
How would these same constituents vote to reelect their representative if his/her opposition would vote in favor of expanding the PUF?
Simple as it may be, simple on how it would benefit the entire State of Texas only one obstacle remain.
Who do you think this is?

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Sure, a UT-Houston would be equivalent to a UT-Austin. Look at the well funded and highly regarded other UT system schools are, like UTRGV, UTDallas, UTEP, UTSA, etc. They are all AAU and have research grants bigger than UH since they share in the PUF. Oh wait…

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Are you for the PUF to be extended to UH?