Ultra Double Secret

On a side note. The absolute best decision I ever made on here was Oct 1st , when I said no more posting on Football threads for full 30 days, but pretty sure I’m staying off there permanently as far as posting. I just do few “likes” here n there but it’s poisonous to say the least.
So ready for Basketball! Got my Season tickets.


It’s definitely toxic and not worth it :joy:

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Yes, I need to follow your lead :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning:

Edit: Basketball by far over Football for me anyway, so it’s not hard at all.

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The football board is awful. If you’re not puppies and rainbows all the time, you’re attacked unmercifully for being a bad fan. I much prefer the rational and measured commentary on the basketball board. Can’t wait for November 6 to get here.


Amen. Took me awhile to figure that out.

They have an entire team of transfers. They aren’t going to roll us and we aren’t going to roll them. That is why we play these games so we can learn how to execute under fire. Neither team is likely prepared to roll anyone at this point.
It will be great for both teams to use for development.


I’m hearing a little detail about the scrimmage.
Ea Coach put 5 players on the floor w one ball. They met in the middle to get things started.
More to come as thgs develop. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::upside_down_face:



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I know it is a secret, but are we scrimmaging you-know-who at the satellite campus of Farber College and any leaks about this hush hush secret is under the threat of double secret probation? A friend of mine, Flounder, in the Delta house is asking. He is fat, drunk, and stupid with a GPA of 0.2.

I heard they had two balls.

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and blindfolded

very Zen

Fake news!! :laughing::grin:.
Nope just had one. Had to even put air in it to get started.

OK, so who can post the video of the beat down we put on the horns yesterday ??

Dean Wormer’s wife reports that UH crushed UT


seriously are there reports or news about how the scrimmage went??

I hear from a very reliable source that if you are ever in need of information about cucumbers, she is the person to ask.

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who is dean wormer lol


He’s a colleague of Dean Martin…


I don’t see any reports of the scrimmage. Hopefully we crushed UT. I don’t care for UT at all

We have a better basketball program than they do.