Unlike Bedlam, Bayou Bucket not dying amytime soon

Meanwhile Aussie punter was introduced to and fell in love with Bucees


…. :expressionless: :unamused:

I like playing the Owls. When we play at Rice stadium we get one more game in our city and I enjoy the extra home game sorta speak. Went to the very first one at Rice stadium. That was a great day 23-21.




The last time I went to a game in Rice Stadium, I saw Earl Campbell score a long Touchdown run against my Cougars

I don’t hate it. If it’s Rice or some other random team like UTEP I’m picking Rice for the aforementioned extra home game, etc.

Now that we have a larger disparity in revenue I’d like to see us get the better bargain though.

2 for 1 home games is probably excessive and Rice would probably just say “nevermind, we can just get blown out by USC annually”. But maybe something like…

UH Home
Rice Home
Neutral NRG for Kickoff (Whatever)
UH Home

No one cares about Rice. Rather rotate this game with UTSA/SMU


We play a home and home with Rice for one reason…… it cuts annual costs !


We don’t need a 2-1 with Rice. Local game. Lightly attended. Only program that is a true rival. Most years a easy W
While we’re at it……someone need to design and build a new Bayou Bucket.

I’m more worried about our SOS most years. Unfortunately the observations about Bedlam and the Bayou Bucket are akin to multi planetary chaos versus World of Warcraft. Bedlam is a serious rivalry game. Such a shame to see them push it in the quarry.


Hey at least it’s another game with a former swc school, right?

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Find a better team to play.

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im good with it.

The Sooners and the all-time series record would both beg to differ. The Bedlam games have, until very recently, made the Bayou Bucket look like a nailbiter.

Its a home game where ever we play it…At their place, its 25000 Houston fans and 3 or 4 thousand Rice fans…Last years big win helped get us turned around to win 11 straight. Will get lots of coverage on radio, TV and chron because its a “rivalry game”. We should win 9 times out of 10…some pressure on coaches because losing it will get you in serious trouble with EVERYBODY.


Some of y’all seem to be forgetting that we are going to be playing an infinitely tougher schedule starting next year in the B12. The reasons to schedule Rice every year for the foreseeable future are very potent at this point in our existence- more “home field advantage” games, great chance for win to climb towards bowl eligibility, one more chance to easily see the team as fans, lower travel costs for program, rivalry game - yes! they are a rival for us and when I was at UH, 2005-2008, they were the MAIN rival in students’ minds for better or worse.


The best thing about playing Rice is “The Mob.” I know they’re not for everyone but I enjoy their shenanigans!


I’m talking about engagement. That game packs them in and draws attention from the whole state.

I’m fine with playing Rice, old SWC game and always a home game.


Honestly I’d rather have UTSA as a permanent rival going forward than rice.

I can get up for UTSA each year.

However rice…YAAAAAWN.


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