Update: Louisville QB Luke McCaffrey Headed to Rice

Sounds like McCaffrey has an ego, but I wonder if we’re reaching out to him.

Maybe but I think Dana’s made it clear there is no competition for QB1 this year.


Well I think he made that clear if the roster stays like it is. If we would have got that QB who went to Auburn, idk might be a different story

Always hoping that CDH would lure a quality xfer QB to the program, similar to Will Grier at WVU. Would be nice to have some strong competition in the QB room.


Unless the right one becomes available lol

I wanted that kid that went to Tech (Shough)

He was in the wrong system in Oregon and different coaching will do him good at Tech.

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Thing is I don’t think the “right one” has ever come along for recruiting at all. The only QB we’ve seen In pretty sure we were a courtesy listing to Deeky

He probably shouldn’t have left Nebraska.

Is he kin to the former receiver for the Broncos?

Yep. Son of Ed McCaffrey. His brother’s an All-Pro for the Panthers, and has either saved or ruined your fantasy football week more than a few times.

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That’s a blood line. His dad was fast as lightning.

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And I believe he married a track star…

McCaffrey is truly unreal, He is amazing athlete, great hands and a genius at reading coverage. HOF in the making.

Most likely headed to Northern Colorado or JUCO

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Apparently headed to Rice, per The Athletic just now. We’ll see if he ever actually plays.

Rice? Wow, I wonder if we even reached out to him. Perhaps McCaffrey is just too difficult to deal with.

Perhaps being related to a good player does not automatically make you a good player.


I imagine he chose Rice because of the McCaffrey family’s relationship with Bloomgren from Christian’s Stanford days. I try to make a policy of not talking down on college kids, here or elsewhere, but lasting all of 3 days at Louisville can’t be a good sign.


I never argued that McCaffrey is a good player; however, he played several B10 games at Nebraska as a redshirt frosh QB, some decent games, some not so decent. I would argue that UH needs some add’l depth and competition at the QB spot. If Clayton goes down to injury, the next up on the QB depth chart are pretty green.

I hope McCaffrey lands on his feet at Rice.

I’ve met the McCaffrey kids a few times, they have a vacation home next door to ours on Key Biscayne in Miami. Really nice family, wishing him luck at Rice.

All those good looking Rice women with hairy legs appealed to him

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