Update: Louisville QB Luke McCaffrey Headed to Rice

Why does Rice play football? What does it do for them?

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keeps some alums donating that otherwise probably wouldn’t

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Ya know, that’s funny. I’ve yet to meet a Rice grad that gave a crap about Rice sports.

All have been ambivalent.

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Sounds just like 95% of UH grads. I suppose that UH has more in common with Rice than we first think.


They are a throwback to a bygone era. They are the A&P of college athletics. I absolutely don’t get the CUSA thing. Having Rice in the CUSA is like having Harvard in the Sun Belt.

How many times can a player transfer? Rice will be his second transfer and third program.

Rice isn’t allowed in the Ivy League so they don’t have much of a choice

You’re right. It’s just UH fans that carry on about Rice sports.

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I know one but he usually cheers for UH. No lie.

I think we should both be cheering for one another. IMO it was always cheesy and cringe for UH fans to taunt Rice.

Can’t we find a more disgusting rival?

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You can always go be an A&M fan if you dont like the Bayou Bucket

The Bayou Bucket. Speaking of ATM. We should have made them our top rival 50 years ago.

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NO true blue UH fan cheers for the school (Rice) that campaigned for decades to keep us out of the SWC.

That’s almost sacreligious/blasphemous.

We will, of course, root for them to lose.


Much of what is rumored is nonsense

Which means they keep us pretty happy.

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Jess Neely was the driving force to keep UH out of SWC for years, that is neither rumor, nor nonsense – it is a fact.

More than one published book on the matter says otherwise.

Jess Neely fought to keep UH football out of the “big time” and out of the SWC for decades.

That’s not what I read when we joined the SWC, there was an article about UH and the struggles to get into the SWC in the Post or Chronicle. If you can produce something to prove otherwise, I will gladly recant my statement. However, I will still not like Rice because how they tried to screw us when we were building TDECU and needed a stadium.

The person who would know all about it would be Pat Moran aka EatEmUp. He is the guy who knows all about UH sports history.


I’ve read a couple of different books that talked about how Rice, under Jess Neely, worked to keep us out of the SWC…even tried to keep us around the level of Sam Houston and such.

We might be the only fan base who talks about Rice sports. The Owls should be tickled lol.
And btw the Owls have upset us at their stadium more than once.