UT and OU stuck til 2025 per Thamel


Seems that everybody gave up and just accepted it. SEC is in no hurry to add UT and OU, just like the Big 10 on Washington and Oregon, they can afford to wait.


OK at Htown in 2024 has a nice ring to it.

OK/TX can leave now without owing any games to FOX.


Pretty cool two years!!!

Most likely going to play against Arch Manning for at least one in '24. Depends how well Ewers plays early on in '23 or injury (not wanting to happen but football is a rough sport)


I understand t.u. wanted to move this year’s UH game to NRG. It’s a shame that didn’t happen. Maybe the sips will get a 2024 home game with UH that they can move to NRG.


OU at TDECU pls pls pls

We played there last so it’s only fair!


Nice. Hopefully we make it a memorable two years.


Texas, Oklahoma’s efforts to leave Big 12 for SEC in 2024 hit with major roadblock (msn.com)


McMurphy now reporting it too.



We all know the following saying:
“When there is a will there is a way”
In this case it can be adjusted to:
“When there is a will there is money”
They are going to find a way. The stinky rodent is going to decide based on ratings. This for sure is angering to the highest degree madcowsu.

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Anything that angers madcow u is a good thing.


dislike I give this statement 0 stars

I like this statement. 5 stars


All the talk about leaving early stopoed when the schedule came out. OUT had to accept the idea and quite frankly, it think its galvanized the B12. UT has to play UH and its angry fan base. That’s good tv and bragging rights.

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So we might get two chances to send them packing with a L ? :thinking:

Let’s go Coogs!


League looking good. They may not leave

The timing of this seems to align with my theory that they wanted to announce early departure of OUT with the schedule release.

I suppose it’s possible the schedule was being negotiated with the early exit, but there were so many moving parts with Big XII revenue, Fox revenue loss, and ESPN’s gains from SEC side of things.

There is no way you were going to make everyone happy in this deal unless Texas was prepared to cut a giant check to cover it all.

I truly believe the schedule we got on Tuesday was the original one that was partially leaked in late October.

I’m looking forward to UH @ UT.

Let’s paint Austin RED!


No, OUT will be gone after 2024 and it is due to the POWER of UH.
UT is hating having to play UH in Houston (they will gladly play Rice) and wants no part of UH coming
to Austin, thus they gone.

So, could it be despite being flush with billions of dollars in cash, the Bonghorns are really cheap? Too cheap to pay that measly exit fee? Well, measly for the Bonghorns anyway since they have billions of dollars to throw around to cause troubles for other state universities!

UT has enough money to get out tomorrow and pay for OU too, but it is the new B12 schedule that has moved up their exit. We should feel honored.

The longer we are associated with madcowsu is not a good sign.

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