UT and OU's worst nightmare

When UT and OU announced the news that they would be going to the SEC, do you think, in their wildest dreams, they thought the following would happen:

-The Big 12 would not only NOT collapse, they would expand.

-The Big 12 would expand with 3 AAC schools and BYU and UT and OU would have to be Conference mates with those schools for one, or two seasons.

-They would be held to their buyout amount. I wonder if the seriously thought the PAC would raid the Big 12 and that they could join the SEC with ZERO payments since the Big 12 would have dissolved. If they were real strategic, they would have convinced the PAC to raid the conference and kill it as a P5. Even with USC and UCLA looking elsewhere, they could have tried.

-Their reputation would take a beating. Look how the other Big 12 schools are treating them. Bye Felicia. I wonder how they are going to do in a loaded SEC. Oklahoma had trouble, in the Big 12, this year.

-Them leaving allowed room for another P5 in Texas (UH) and possibly 2 (SMU to the PAC) with how things played out.

-UT would have to play AT UH. I’m sure they had us on their “never play UH again list”. Well, we found a way .

I honestly wonder if they anticipated all the dominoes that would have fallen over their decision to feed their ego and grab more money.

Careful what you wish for.


I agree completely.


I don’t think they care. I think they would actually prefer to go play at Houston rather than going to someplace like K, KSt, ISt or WV again. The only thing they are annoyed about is the delay.


Had USC/UCLA remained in the PAC, then I do believe the Big 12 would’ve collapsed so that they could access the Texas market

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I don’t like them any more that the next Coog, but I think they’re probably happy to go to the SEC and the rest doesn’t matter too much, except for how quickly they can get there. Maybe I’m overestimating them.

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Honestly they should want the extra time before going to the SEC. OU is in transition with a new coach and UT is in constant transition.

UT and OU could care less about the B12. If you ask them, they are moving to a superior league. Better competition, higher profile games, mostly against state flagship universities. And a ton more money. I am sure they feel that the B12 has been holding back their greatness.


I think all of you are to right, and that is the problem.

I think Texas thought the Big 12 would fall apart without them.


It could’ve had USC/UCLA stayed in the PAC; they expanded to 14 with Tech and TCU for that market

ACC might’ve picked off some schools. Kansas would’ve went B1G

In a way we kind of have to thank both UT and USC/UCLA


Big 10 has not shown any interest in inviting Kansas.

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They don’t care. I’d say UT is a little annoyed that OU can’t write a check like they could for early exit.

They’ll be making so much money in the SEC with their 7-5 seasons, it won’t matter what the Big XII is doing.

Kudos to them for the big payday ahead, but that’s all it will be. That trophy case isn’t gonna change for a while.

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Yeah not anymore

Kansas is a great school academically (AAU Member) and has a really good basketball team. They’re also in a great location relative to Big 10 schools and would probably recruit a lot better

I think that once the game is played some UT folks are going to like a game in Houston. They already play Rice but, coming to a packed house, angry fan base, and competitive game is more compelling than just beating up on Rice.

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They will always prefer a game against Rice at NRG over a game UH at TDECU anytime. It doesn’t matter how rocking the house might be when they visit this season. This season they have no choice but to play at UH. They will never make that choice on their own.

The only time UH will play UT again (baring a return visit to Austin next year, and that’s highly doubtful), is in a bowl game.


And we know UT will be like MIZZOU this year and magically not go to the bowl that they line up with Houston.

OUT probably don’t care, but this situation is akin to a breakup that requires them to remain on the lease. If anything, they’re (OUT) not going to enjoy it and every interaction with their “roommates” will be filthy and passionate.

In my opinion, the rest of the XII house is eager to make it the most excruciating amount of time left, and the new “roommates” are eager to help in the pain. Schadenfreude will be dialed to 11 these next two years.

This. UT isn’t surprised by anything the Big 12 does. They are simply trying to get out of a crappy marriage, but the wife wants to keep them in it as long as possible, take as much of their crap as they can and try to organize future visits (games versus UT and OU). UT just want to move on with their life and GTFO and could care less what the Big 12 does.

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I think they are happy with where they are going but I do think it bothers them that we made it in and big12 is strong. They opened a door for us they thought was closed.

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Texas home schedule is
Rice Wyoming kansas byu Kansas state Texas tech
Makes it hard to get excited about as a recruit. Players want to play in big games. 10.6 million watched the Texas Alabama game. 5.03 million watch texas tcu.