UTEP is 4-1

They will need 7 wins to go bowling. Nobody will want them with 6 wins.

I spoke to one of the coaches and, realistically, 6 wins is seen as huge progresd

They’ve only gotten six wins three times since joining Conference USA, and only once in the last decade. Definitely progress.

Can anybody without looking name every school in CUSA?

I can, but I’m weird that way.

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I am impressed, i would mix up the sun belt and CUSA schools.

MAC is the one I have trouble with, despite the fact they’ve been together forever. Just so many random places with “University of” or “State University” slapped on it.

When I was driving across the country on our last big move, I tried to see if I could name every single FBS school. I got all of them except Bowling Green.

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It wasn’t until recently that UTEP had the worst winning percentage in all of college football. Now they are ahead of UNLV.

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I still remember when , in an article, he gave these long answers about what needed to be done for UH to play better and when you shortened it, he was saying we need to improve on offense, defense, and special teams.


I meet Dimel before he coached his first gane here. I asked what he thought of the competition in CUSA and he actually said he wasn’t sure yet.

Checks out.

Real shot at 7. UTEP has the easiest schedule #130.

Shame the Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl is ACC v PAC.
They would pack em in.

East West
Charlotte Louisiana Tech
FAU North Texas
FIU Rice
Marshall Southern Miss
Middle Tennessee State UAB
Old Dominion UTEP
Western Kentucky UTSA

Still cannot believe I had someone trying to convince me that UH would have been better off staying in C-USA rather than the AAC.


I believe Andre Ware also argued that UH was better staying in c-usa than going to the aac.


I could almost entertain the thought at the time of the decision but this guy was trying to make the argument just a couple of years ago (post Herman / Peach Bowl for UH).

UH has managed to stay one step ahead of the college football abyss in the last couple of moves.

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It came up implicitly a lot over the last couple of months. People saying that we shouldn’t go to the Big 12 because it’ll be like the AAC. I’m jumping up and down saying “BUT MOVING TO THE AAC WAS GOOD!!!”


Nealy was a real good QB for us… His injury meant Dimel couldnt win enough games to keep his job…Dimel was fired, and Nealy transferred to Texas State, where he led them to a bunch of wins…Kolb came in with coach Briles…


He was my high schools coach and helped out in the dorms a lot (boarding school). I’ll never crap on Nealy! He never told me he went to UH lol


5-1 (barring something catastrophic)

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UTEP is the worst one loss team in the country.

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