UTEP is 4-1

Must be all that PUF money.

This is accurate. Strange as this statement may sound I think Dimel might have turned it around given enough time. He was definitely getting better horses in at the end. Not sure he ever would have been a true national program but he think he could have won in CUSA.

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Pesik will respond with a long post disagreeing with me if he sees this, but I think Dimel would have done just as well or even better than Briles did from 2003-2005 with a healthy Nealy at QB.

I don’t think we’d have ever had a season like the 2006 season under Dimel, though.


Their schedule is weaker than ours.

They hope to get 2 more wins which should help place them in a bowl game

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They should beat Rice at home, but it’s not a guaranty.

Maybe they could split the home game with LT and @ UNT. Hard to see them winning any of their other three.

7 wins would be a huge accomplishment.

Whenever I hear UTEP I see Donald Buckram running and running and running.


Who was our D coordinator for that game?

They get to 7 wins and a bowl game, Dimel will drink for free till next season



I think so

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I can’t remember if that was before Stewart

I just checked. 2009 was Skladany. That was the rainy night when Dana went to the bathroom for twenty minutes.

It was also Case’s, “do you know what’s gonna happen on this field?!?!” pregame speech.

I wish now he’d have given us more details.

Also the night when Mack kept referring to UH as “them” and “they” in an El Paso radio interview.

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Could that someone be Andre Ware?

No, Andre and I talk about other stuff.

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That mofo was already thinking about leaving UH! That’s what that tells me!


Year of the Dana

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I mean this in all sincerity. Dana is a GREAT guy. He did not win enough at UH, but Briles’ teams benefitted from his outstanding recruiting. This was the era when players would come out to tailgates after the losses and drink at the tailgates lol. I am happy he is having success this year at UTEP.


UTEP and Dimel are now 6-1 and bowl eligible for the first time in many years.

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Bet he never sees a tab in a restaurant in El Paso right now.

One of the good guys

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