Volleyball team rocks

I am a bit sheepish posting about the UH volleyball team, because I know next to nothing about the sport, other than I find the team fun to follow. However, I see no other posts and, well:

1.  The team is doing very well.  After losing the first match of the season the team has won 8 in a row, the majority on the road and the team has beaten several squads that made the tournament last year and;  

2.  On September 15th (tomorrow) the team plays #1 UT in Austin. 

Go Coogs.


A poster on another site has a daughter on the team. Cool stuff.

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A week or so ago, I watched UH defeat LSU 3-1.

Volleyball is an exciting game, and UH looks to be pretty good.


I love for all our sports teams to be competitive!


It’s a cool sport and tickets are only $10 at FC. Got some Sunday 1pm games coming
up. I may try and take my son to one of these.


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Not sure about espn+, but the match will be shown on the lh network at 8.

I looked on ESPN+. It appears it’s going to be shown at 8:00.

I hope so because I don’t have the Longhorn Network.

Coogs take first set.

UT has only lost two sets this year, and no first sets until this match.

It’s on LHTV and ESPN+ now


Lady Coogs looking good. Showing a lot of fight

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What a fight. 3-1 but they ran a train in the first set before relaxing in the second and third.

This team is good.

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They performed as well as the top ranked teams Texas has played. They seem poised to compete for the AAC championship for sure.


Coogs win today. Beat High Point 3 sets to 1. If I have it right, that concludes out of conference schedule. Impressive 9 -2 record.

AAC games begin Wednesday afternoon at Tulane. 3 of first 4 on the road. Go Coogs.


Would love to see our volleyball program make some inroads to Ridge Point High!

I’m sold.

Been following them on espn+ and really enjoying. Today, a buddy of mine called and asked me to go with him and his daughter, a HS VB player, to the match. Wow……media does not do the sport justice. Tremendous athleticism and speed from both teams. Coogs won 3-1.
Good crowd……I’ll be back!


I am with you. There is a great deal to enjoy and even though I know little about the sport, I am impressed with the UH program. Two conference matches two conference wins this past week. Two more road matches this week. Go Coogs.

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