We didn't lose to Alabama. We lost to the refs

They took over the damn game again.


Stop it. We lost because our offense is iso for 38 seconds and a wild pass.


A loss is a loss but no doubt its tough for UH to play to their strengths when its called like today.

Just hit more free throws and they win regardless. Chaney was 2/7. J Walk and Sass each missed 2.


Bama got the whistle end of story


The offensive foul on Mark i thought was BS.

But, cant have 4 fouls to begin with.

Our guard depth isnt there.

Coach doesn’t feel comfortable with Arceneaux & Sharp.

So, we’re playing with 4 essentially.


What is a catch? What is a charge?

Two biggest questions in sports.


We lost because it’s a bunch of kids in their late teens and early 20s playing a game that it’s very hard to be consistent at.


They were better than us today just accept it

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Harsh three point fouls, a center getting a foul on the perimeter is a giant no no


?? You cant lose up by 15 and run the worst offense i ever seen.


Weak cope. Refs didn’t cause a 20 pt swing over the final 15 minutes. Refs didn’t cause us to get out-rebounded 45-38. Refs didn’t cause us to shoot 54.5% from the stripe. That’s weak to try to defer the blame or credit for this outcome.


Yep, we lost to the better team today.


We choke we play sorry ars teams and beat them by 40. We play a rank team and get our ass beat


2 bad fouls on the 3 line by Jarace Walker, 4 points for Alabama. Our bigs needs to know their limitations on offense, Roberts missed a reverse layup and threw up an airball off of a power dribble. Chaney 2-7 from FTs. Arceneaux and Ramon Walker needs to be more aggressive on offense, when you are open, you need to take the shot. Jarace Walker also, maybe do more iso for Jarace?.


Refs played a factor. Luckily Bama was awful from the FT too.

Reality is we went up 44-29 with 16:57 to play and in the next 4.5 minutes we were called for 6 fouls to Bama’s one including two on Mark in 4 seconds.

That said, if we should 75% from FT, we win.


Running the clock down and getting completely out of rhythm. I can see doing that with Westbrook or Lebron hanging out in the lane but we have no one to rely on down low.


Alabama exposed us. Right now we’re not as good as last year’s team. Right now Carlton, Fabian, Taze & Edwards better than their replacements. We’re small and only have one creator on the floor. Huge drop off when we turn to anyone else at the point. I think he got really tired in 2nd half when they took control of the game. If Francis, Sharp & Terrance don’t develop into significant contributors our ceiling is not as high as last year.


Reality also is we scored 4 points in the last 5:30+.


I’d like not see Jarace with more iso plays when we play against smaller athletic teams. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing coach experiment with Chaney, Roberts, and Jarace on the court at the same time when Mark isn’t on the court.

It was clear today that we need more firepower. I don’t think we’ll ever get it from Ramon, so either Sharp needs more playing time or we go with TA. And you know everyone will face guard Sasser if we don’t have any other reliable shooters on the floor.

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Couldn’t agree more with Truth about needing more from the young guys. The good news is we’re still in December. It’s a long ways to go before March.

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