We will never get another Yeoman

I think the fritz debate was fritz v Apple iirc

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Are you predicting a top 10 UH team under CDH in the next 2 years?

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The purpose of promoting Applewhite was to try and maintain continuity, but there was going to be inevitable decline between 2016-2017 because the biggest impact players went to the NFL/Pros.

Ward, Wilson, Adams, Williams III, Jackson, Bowser, Taylor, Davis, Dunbar, etc. Gone.

We thought Kyle Allen would be great and he was trash. The funny thing is that despite what happened, UH tied for 1st in the West that year. The Army game is was initiated the trigger to fire Apple.


No I’m not. I want Dana gone.

My point is that suggesting we should’ve hired Fritz instead of Dana in 2019 because Fritz had a good season in 2022 doesn’t make much sense.

I think the reason OC’s can ramp up a program quickly is because they don’t know what they’re not capable of. They throw caution to the wind their first year and try new things. Anything to get traction.

Established coaches have a template. Usually 3-5 years. And they have experience with what didn’t work so they don’t try it.

I’d rather have a hotshot OC than an established coach. All things being roughly equal. They’re fighting for their lives the first day because they don’t want to fail at their first job.

That trash has been in the NFL for six years.

Trash is often a horribly misused adjective.


He got his foot in the door to the NFL because he was buddies with one of the Panthers staff. Sure, he solidified himself as a backup, but even as a backup, he hasn’t done anything. He’s merely an emergency QB at this point.

He was the #2 QB or something of that nature out of high school…

Kiffin was the favorite to replace Herman and then Tilman scared him off so he had to go with Applewhite as Orlando had taken his name out of the hat.

This notion that we need another coach like CBY is laughable. CBY was from a different era. CBY’s longevity is a thing of the past.

I do think there are elements of CBY character that translate even today. Man of character and discipline and charisma. If a coach is at one place 6 years, and his is winning, celebrate. I have no doubt there will be plenty good candidates when the UH head coaching position opens. My question is will UH be able to identify them and make it attractive for them to come to UH.

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There are not a lot of good candidates for coaching UH football. We can’t pay the salary that competing bigger brand football powers will offer the those that may move up into P5.

UH (like every other program wanting new head coach) will be taking a gamble with whoever it is we get. And if he does as well as we would all hope, he will be offered a $100 million contract (ala Jimbo Fisher). Fisher may be available. He can recruit like crazy. He just can’t win with them.

Taking a Briles vs Herman? What a stupid HC competition.

The key to our future is not looking back.

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CBY didn’t coach in an era when it cost you $20M to turn down a job

Kyle Allen was misused here. He was not an RPO QB and the coach didn’t adjust to his talents. Its like putting Tom Brady in the wishbone and saying he can’t play QB.


Holgo gets paid middle of the pack P5 money. He is paid twice as much as Gus Malzahn and more than several other B12 coaches. There also lots of up and coming coordinators who we could start out at less $. Coaches get poached or get huge raises for being successful. That seems like a preferred situation to be in versus our current one.

I’m not advocating whether or not Dana stays or goes. I’m just stating the reality that there are very, very few great coaches who will also stay with a team forever.

We got Holgorson because everyone (including this forum) after Herman was sick and tired of hiring bad coaches or good coaches (ie coordinators or G5) that would use UH as a stepping stone. I know whatever direction the coaching situation takes, fans are going to complain loudly about the new coach is bad or the new coach has left us again.

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Yeah we see that bc if he was bad, no way the nfl would give him a chance.

This is true and why I still hope he has success or gets a great off coor or tweaks the off or something. I don’t care about his hair or height or whether he kisses up to fans. I just care if he can generally have winning seasons. It doesn’t need to be 12 and 0 or 11 and 1. I read Tillman got tired of having to hire a new head coach every 3 yrs.

Jenkins had a crazy look with that white hair and he wasn’t a great media guy but he won as a coordinator and HC until the last few yrs and so people liked him here. So Dana even with the hair flying around would be well liked if winning or should be.

Getting a Yeoman like coach who wins and will stick with the program is hard to find these days.

If we had been in a current P5 conference and had more money, we might have been able to hold on to Briles. I seriously doubt Sumlin and Herman would have turned down Texas A&M and Texas however.

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Interesting you brought up Jenkins. I was thinking about him myself. I built John and his wife Karen’s new home when he was coach here. They were good people. My wife and became friends with them during that time. Karen invited us to go to a couple of away games with her. Those were good times.

I would like to see him get another shot if he’s interested.

I would happy if Kendall Briles would be willing to take the HC job here. Whatever happended at Baylor, it was not the person he was when he was in college.

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