Wedge between religion and government redefined

Latest from this court. Not good,

The goal is to shift tax payer dollars to pay for private school (preferably Christian schools) and in the process keep gutting the public school system.

From what I’ve read, the law referred to a program that gives parents in rural districts with no public schools money to attend private school or more distant public schools.

Problem, no money for religious schools.

That amounts to discrimination against religion. Why money for non-religious private schools, and no money for religious private schools?

Sounds like a 1st amendment issue to me!

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The Maine case is unique in that no public schools are available, which is why the tuition assistance is given.

I expect, though, a raft of cases will follow looking for a broader ruling.


That is a bingo!

Abbott wants vouchers, but so far the Texas legislature has resisted. It may be there is not enough support for this to become law. Funny how one thing leads to a cascade.

Easy, government is then in business of endorsing a religion. Two lower courts got it right.
Not so much these justices.

Agree, there will be an avalanche of religious schools going after public money now. There is
a crack created in the wall between church and state.

No it is too give people a choice, now we don’t have one unless you pay twice. If the public schools are better they have nothing to worry about

Do you know what the seperation of church and state means? Ifciv the tax payer want my $ to go to xyz church school that does not violate the seperation of church and state. Only if it only allowed $ to go to certain church schoolsc and not others

I think if the parochial schools all shut down, the public school systems in many states would be overwhelmed. The parents of students at these schools pay school taxes, I really don’t see a problem with it. I think Louisiana had some sort of assistance for parochial schools when I was a kid and used that as a reason. But that was a long time ago and I could be mistaken and may have only been told that by my parents. I only went to public schools.

Honestly, we have a hard time understanding your posts. “seperation” has to do with getting on
that slippery slope you are so fearful of for guns. If you can’t see where this headed, you are just not trying very hard or don’t want to see.


Kind of random, but public funds shouldn’t be used to prop up private schools just like public funds shouldn’t be used to fund abortions. Compromise.


Bring it

Nobody is advocating shuttering these schools, but yes there would be some burden on public
schools if the religious school all folded. Interestingly enough, seems like catholic religious schools have been on a big slide since the 1960s. Some of this is pandemic fallout probably. But still,
with the population increase from the 60’s to now, to see this type of drop is surprising. Maybe it’s
just a Catholic thing.

Between the 2019-2020 school year and the current year, nationwide enrollment dropped by 110,000 to about 1.6 million students. Back in the 1960s, enrollment was more than 5 million.

Public schools need more funding and not less. The parents that insist on religious dominated
schooling need to pay for their choices.

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I’m not sure what you are trying to say. What are you lacking, or in need of, or advocating
for now ?

It’s in plain english

They waste $ and get less in return than most private schools. All I’m saying if my kid wants to go to a catholic school my tax dollars should go to that school. Yours can go where your kids go

That’s not true. Endorsing religion is choosing one over another, which isn’t the goal or the result of this decision.

And there isn’t a “separation of church and state” at least not in the US Constitution.

When the Catholic Church pays taxes we can discuss it.


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