Week 12 - games to watch!





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Some great matchups between SEC and Big 12. The Tennessee-Texas game ought to be really good!


Thinking UT will win. :wink:

Nebraska was having a decent season and just lost 2 starters for the season.

SMU transfer Bandoumel. And Alabama transfer Gary.

Dariq Whitehead left the game with an injury


So that punch isn’t a foul? I know it was an accident but still. I mean I hate Duke, but he straight punched the guy in the jaw

I think he got him straight in the throat.

That sucked for Filipowski. He had a solid game


Baylor guard play is really really good.


Lj Cryer with 16 pts in the 1st half.

Cryer, Flagler and Keyonte George. Could be best guard trio in the country

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I think it has to be. George is the second best freshman in the country.

Don’t want to face Baylor in NCAA Tournament, I’m afraid they would beat us again

Having 3 really good guards who can take you off the dribble. I agree. Bad matchup for many teams

Jalen Wilson is an example of what can happen when a guy tests the draft process but comes back to school. Top 5 player in the country.

Turning himself into a solid upper second round draft pick

He keeps playing like this, he’ll go in the first. Guys NBA ready.

Kevin McCullar an impressive rebounder.

#25 NM in a dogfight at Nevada.

Morris Udeze (Ft Bend-Travis) having a good year for NM. 15.7 pts/8.5 rebs.
Small but crafty inside. Wichita needs him back.

Is Baylor gonna choke?

Only up 5. With 2 minutes to go

Baylor holds on. Have won 5 straight

New Mexico choked hard in the final minute of OT. Game should be over, instead we got double OT!

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Some clutch rebounding late.

The next month for KU.
Brutal when @ Okie and @ Okie Lite in 4 days is the easy part