Week 12 - games to watch!

Refs aren’t going to let Alabama lose


Sec refs are :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

It’s a physical game. Not always a foul.

It’s getting close to unwatchable

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Alabama losing :flushed:

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Didn’t go the way I wanted, but that Alabama v Miss St game last night was a good one. Really came down to Alabama taking and making a ton of FTs late in the 2nd half. Never would have guessed Bama would get such great home cooking on their own floor :roll_eyes:


This one is worth checking out…funny stuff…



Amazing! LOL!



Dukes Dariq Whitehead thankfully avoided a season ending injury

Some worried it was an Achilles injury


Not nearly as good a barometer as Coogfans’ analysts

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Some version of this stat is thrown out every year but it never means as much as people make it out to be. There are a lot more than three teams that would be able to meet the given criteria if they rattled off 6 straight wins in the tournament. For instance I think Kansas was around 40th in defensive efficiency prior to the tournament last year. After winning the whole thing they’d moved up to 17th on KP.

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Another big game on the menu tonight.
There goes that cjnit post season bid for Seattle.
@MRCoog :man_shrugging: :eyes:.

Edit: Cam is 3/13 from the field against the vaunted BearKats defense!

Shead was at that game

SHSU game?

Yes sir!

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USC up 4 on UCLA with 2 minutes left

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Wahoo. UCLA going down

Trojans up 11

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Oregon wins and Memphis scored 99 on SMU. Would be interesting to see if Memphis cracks the T30 on NET so they can count as 2 Q1 games