Week 14 - 2023 Conference Championship Weekend

Times are EST.
All she wrote for PAC tonight. Its a Dandy.

SMU QB Preston Stone out. Kevin Jennings w 1 st start. Has played in mop up duty.

WA looking good so far.
Oregon no 1st downs in 1st quarter.

NMSU just down 7 early 3d at Liberty.

What if it’s Will Stein all this time and they just wanted to wait until after this game

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Would have been nice to have had Oregon and Washington in the big 12

Great game last night. Penix really accurate vs a good Oregon back 7.
Impressed w Wash OT Troy Fautanu. Moves really well.

Boise fired the HC but looking good vs UNLV so far.

Undefeated FSU might have a green QB today tonight vs Louisville.
Rodemaker took a vicious cheap shot by 2 UF players on a QB slide last week

Georgia is stuck on the struggle bus.


UGA was overrated all season and it is catching up with them today.

Their QB play has been mediocre all season but they play in the SEC East which is not good, so they could get by. Also, UGA is smart; they always play a weak OOC schedule, claiming that they play a P4 opponent every year (Ga Tech).

Now they are playing a hot team in Bama that is confident and not intimidated by them.

Not going well.

Most Dawg fans saw this coming; that is why they were so quiet around the office this week.


Does Georgia fall out of the top 4 with a loss? I bet those ESPN execs would love a UT vs Michigan first round game

Interesting. At first, I thought that assuming FSU wins, then it would be Michigan, UW, UGA and FSU, based on what they have said in the past that the committee generally does not look at Conference Title games (see TCU last year). However, based on how bad UGA looked, especially at QB, assuming FSU wins handily (which I expect), I think that its going to be MI, UW, FSU and Bama, or MI, UW, FSU and UT. UGA is out.

Boise waxed UNLV.
Just the lower part of stadium but it was rocking.

UT in CFB final 4 puts over $500k in UHs pocket from B12 share.
That pays for a season of Ol Whitt & staff.
UT already in with their win v 'Bama ?

FSU loss & they are in for sure.
FSU QB maybe true frosh Brock Glenn w 4 career passes in 3 games.
(Michigan loss seems very unlikely)

During Tulane v SMU.
Mentioned SEC might get shut out & they will fill their Jorts.

It should be, but ESPN (which runs the CFP) always wants an SEC team in the CFP, even when it is not deserving.

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Just became a little closer to happening. FSU and Michigan loss wold be nuts

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I can’t see the SEC getting left out of the playoff, but if FSU wins then it is the most logical thing. UT really got lucky they played Alabama early in the year when the QB was not ready. 12 team playoff was a year too late. There are 8 teams who could legit win the title this season, most I’ve ever seen.

As for the G5 slot, SMU is probably a better team than Liberty but you have to give the undefeated team the slot. SMU lost by 17 to 5-7 TCU and OU. Why give them another shot at a P5?

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FSU is going to get screwed big time by the refs tonight.

TV and the house have a chance to get both Bama AND Texas in the top four, but one of Michigan or FSU have to lose. Michigan is absolutely not going to lose to toothless Iowa, so it’s going to be FSU that gets the shaft.


Announcers for the um v Iowa game want um to win so badly, worst announcing ever.

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Hope posting a link to another forum is not too bad, (not competition for UH forum), but I don’t have a twitter link to share this.

See link in CoogHogan post to twitter

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OG Link


There has been falsehoods on this board that Abbot helped us get in the big12 which isn’t true.

Abbot is as UT as it gets and part of the clique that kept us from joining the big12. That tweet reinforces his disdain of anything not UT related.

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Iowa’s offense is so bad. They’re going to be Nebraska 2.0 once the B10 drops divisions

Ahh, I rather us not get that 500k than see UT at CFB playoffs. UT are very lucky to win big 12. Should have lost to Kansas State and to us. I’m ready for them to be last in SEC year in year out.