Weekly breakdown on UH's NCAA tournament bid - 29 Jan 17

Latest bracket projections

ESPN: No. 11 vs. Seton Hall (East Region)

CBS: No. 11 vs. Michigan (East Region)

NBC Sports: No. 11 vs. Seton Hall (East Region)

BracketWag.com: First Four Out.

Bracket Matrix has us as the top 11 seed and in 87 of 94 brackets.






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Sporting News has UH as a 10 seed:

No. 10 seeds
Texas, USC, Texas A&M, Houston
Texas (14-7): Pom/RPI: 42/39. vs. RPI top 25: 2-2. vs. RPI top 100: 7-7
USC (17-6): Pom/RPI: 46/41. vs. RPI top 25: 0-1. vs. RPI top 100: 7-5
Texas A&M (13-8): Pom/RPI: 36/37. vs. RPI top 25: 0-4. vs. RPI top 100: 7-8
Houston (16-4): Pom/RPI: 37/49. vs. RPI top 25: 1-1. vs. RPI top 100: 4-2

Need to know: USC is on a six-game winning streak, which is nice, but the next three games are much more important than the past six: at UCLA, at Arizona State and at Arizona. Houston picked up a huge win, beating Wichita State by 14 — after losing to the Shockers by 18 in the first meeting — and has a big road opportunity on Wednesday at Cincinnati.

Fox has the Coogs as a 9 seed



As high praise as a team and coach can get.

I guess I’ll be watching the bubble again this year with both the Coogs and my Wolfpack riding there right now. They are the two teams I have watched the most this season by far. I would say that if both teams were to play their absolute best game State is a hair better, but I think UH would win 7 or 8 out of 10 games head to head. UH is way more consistent because they rebound and defend so well. They also have more scorers and aren’t as vulnerable to foul trouble. I am shocked to see these two schools at 15 and 16 in anybody’s rankings. A road win for the Coogs at Cincy would set them up to easily make the tournament by simply winning the games they are supposed to the rest of the way. Hopefully the Coogs will take care of business the rest of the way

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Wake Forest just beat Florida State.

“HOUSTON (RPI: 50, KenPom: , NBC seed: 11): Houston has some good wins — Arkansas, Wichita State, Temple, Providence on a neutral — but their biggest issue right now is that they did not play a good non-conference schedule and that they lost to Drexel on a neutral. They need some big wins to make up for it, and blew a GREAT chance at one on Wednesday, wasting an 18-point lead at Cincinnati. If they miss the tournament, that one will sting.”

Sounds like we’re #1 seed in the NIT material for now…

If we win all but home with Cincinnati and at SMU, we’re in. And this team should be able to do that.


I don’t know. Depends on how we do in the AAC tournament. SMU a few years ago had a better team, better SOS, better RPI, and was ranked near the end of the season, but missed the NCAA after losing in the 1st round of AAC tournament

That one last night was a missed opportunity for sure. Doesn’t really hurt to lose it, but the potential boost to the resume would have been really nice

The difference is they played absolutely no one ooc that year. Had a sub 250 rpi loss in conference and then lost to us in the first round when our too was around 150. They didn’t have any ooc wins close to the caliber of Arkansas and providence like we have now.

Would be nice to at least hold onto the 3rd spot in the American or possibly sneak past WSU for the #2 seed. WSU has a pretty rough schedule to finish: Temple x2, Cincy x2, @SMU, @Memphis, @UCF and two home games (TUL and UConn). I can almost feel a match up against UCF in the tourney since it is their home court.

UCF, SMU and Memphis are all 1 game behind the Coogs in AAC play. Need to win those games (or split with SMU) to keep them lower in the standings.

This is an interesting tool to compare teams H2H: